TheVoiceOfJoyce Ukrainian troops making significant gains against Russia Naval Vessels and destroying bridges linking Crimea to Russia. The Chinese are working with the International community, in Saudi Arabia to arrive at International consensus for a Peace deal. No deal is acceptable that leaves Russian troops in place, unless they’re under International Supervision to remove all land mines, they’ve laid. Day 530 is ending.

Ukraine on Saturday night – said to be in retaliation for successful strikes against Russian naval vessels – killed six people and destroyed a blood transfusion centre. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy condemned the “guided air bomb” strike against the medical facility as a war crime of “beasts”.

Despite the strikes, Zelenskiy said Ukraine was seeing “significant results” from US and German air defence systems. Ukraine had shot down a significant part of Russia’s attacks over the past week, which included 65 missiles of various kinds and 178 assault drones, including 87 Shaheds, he said.

The Chonhar bridge to the occupied Crimean peninsula was damaged by a missile strike on Sunday, the Moscow-installed governor said. Another of the three road links between Crimea and Russian-occupied parts of mainland Ukraine, near the town of Henichesk, was shelled and a civilian driver wounded, a Moscow-appointed official said. Denis Pushilin, the Russian-imposed leader in occupied Donetsk, said on Monday that travel by road in the region is safe despite Ukrainian attacks on key bridges.

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