TheVoiceOfJoyce We’ve known since 2010, Meta wasn’t neutral & unlike many other Social Media platforms, profits from Disinformation. Now they’re not allowing credible news sites or news referrals on their sites, since the Canadian Law went into effect. Why allow a corporation to destroy Democracies. It’s never too late to Regulate!

Social Media Platforms cause real harm if unregulated. Kids commit suicide, people died from anti vax information and elections are undermined. #PoliticsAffectsUS, #It’sNeverTooLateToRegulate.

The policy came in retaliation for a new law, the Online News Act, created in an effort to help shore up revenue at Canadian journalism outlets by forcing intermediaries such as Meta and Google’s parent company Alphabet to chip in.

Meta to end news access in Canada over publisher payment law

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The company has described the legislation, Bill C-18 – passed on 18 June – as “unworkable” and argued that the only way to comply with the law is to “end news availability for people in Canada”.

Some Instagram and Facebook users in the country are finding themselves unable to share links to news articles on those platforms, including links to stories from non-Canadian outlets including the Guardian, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Al Jazeera Afrique.

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