TheVoiceOfJoyce #PoliticsAffectUS. 60% of the kids needing an abortion live below the Poverty line. A 10 yr old was raped in Mississippi, filed a petition with the police when the family knew she was pregnant and the child didn’t have the money to travel for an abortion. Why should States ban abortions or govern women’s reproductive health? Ohio citizens asked that question, on an August ballot, and overturned the Legislature’s proposed abuse of citizen representation. #WhenThePeople speak, they win!

Other stories detail how women nearly died because doctors had to wait until their life was at risk to perform an abortion – or that many women now have to travel long distances to get any kind of reproductive healthcare. An estimated 25 million women ages 15 to 33 live in states that have abortion restrictions.

With respect to Monday’s Time report, Ashley discovered she was pregnant after her mother took her to the hospital for uncontrollable vomiting. Regina noticed that Ashley was behaving differently, staying in her room when she used to enjoy going outside to record TikTok dances. Upon receiving bloodwork showing Ashley was pregnant, the hospital contacted the police.

“What have you been doing?” a nurse asked Ashley at that time, according to the report. The hospital ultimately directed Ashley to the Clarksdale Women’s Clinic, which provides OB-GYN services. The clinic did not respond to requests from the Guardian for comment.

“It was surreal for her,” Dr Erica Balthrop, Ashley’s physician, told Time. “She just had no clue.”

Before Dobbs, Balthrop could have directed Regina to a Memphis abortion clinic that was a 90-minute drive north, or to Jackson Women’s Health, which is a 2.5-hour drive south. But Mississippi – along with all the states surrounding it – has banned abortion.

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