TheVoiceOfJoyce Meta makes money by promoting false information that promotes fear in the the Public.

#FullFact, a non profit, found instances of misinformation on missing children, deadly snakes, knife wielding people all misinformation posts on Community sites, dedicated to make people feel unsafe.

As long as Meta is making money off misinformation, they’re not self policing. Why isn’t the EU and Britain invoking the GRQR’s Regulations to stop misinformation from spreading and harming people. You have the mechanism to Control Meta’s misinformation, use it,

Members of local Facebook groups have been exposed to hundreds of hoax posts, including false reports of missing children or deadly snakes on the loose, a study shows.

The fact-checking charity Full Fact found more than 1,200 false posts on the social media site’s community groups across the world, and warned that these were probably just “the tip of the iceberg”.

These posts could lead to people becoming “overwhelmed with false information” and were “designed to terrify local communities”, Full Fact said. The charity said it could mean genuine posts about dangers were more likely to be ignored.

It is unclear why this content is being spread, although Full Fact said it could be a way of making money or promoting a product or service. Often a post is edited after it has gained likes and engagement to promote everything from cashback sites to nappy giveaways.

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