TheVoiceOfJoyce The Indigenous Peoples of Hawaii want to re establish their sovereignty over their lands. They should be able to develop the Hawaiian Islands.

After the wildfires, the Hawaiian people saved lives. They and their culture have a unique opportunity to reclaim their lands. Late Stage Capitalism destroyed Maui. It’s time to let the Indigenous Peoples reclaim their land and make their resources flourish.

Don’t mistake #Late Stage Capitalism for Democracy. A profit only mentality is destroying America. Just look at our education, healthcare and political parties, all or nothing attitudes , doesn’t serve ” #We the People “.

It’s no accident that Hawaiians lived here for 2,000 years,” she said. “Hawaiians are good stewards of their resources. It’s not just about making money, tourism and developing.”

When state and federal aid lagged in the days after the fire, Indigenous-led and faith-based organizations stepped up to provide shelter and resources to survivors, said Tamara Paltin, a West Maui county councilmember. A host of volunteer-powered distribution tents provided food, clothing and medication, as well as acupuncture and lomi practitioners.

“As far as I’ve been taught, the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi still exists,” she said. “We’re a nation occupied by the US.”

The fire displaced more than 10,000 people and destroyed some of the only low-income housing units on the island, where the median cost of a home exceeds $1m.

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