AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 197: “Gen Z Values”

I just finished being infected with COVID and I’m thankful to have had the Vaccines and Paxlovid. One week duration and I was negative after 3 days. Vaccines work, you get a mild case. My advice, take the next Vaccine when available & get your free Rapid Tests.

Ever wondered what the 80’s were like? I touch on the highlights. It was the beginning of the end of Labor’s pay advancement and entrenched inequality.

What do you think of the UAW strikes? It’s discussed along with innovative solutions to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

I support the Gen Z population. It’s 32 million and they vote. Listen to their values. They look upon Climate Mitigation with urgency.

Let’s live in the present and let’s use existing technology to wean ourselves off Fossil Fuels & change Big Agra to provide clean air and water now. 2030 may be too late for millions.

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