TheVoiceOfJoyce Hamas in Gaza declares War on Israel. Hamas launched 2,200 rockets into the Southern Territories. They’ve taken Israeli soldiers hostage and wounded many civilians. Fighting continues in Kibbutz’s near the Erez Crossing and Ashdod.

European countries condemn Hamas attacks

By Victoria Bisset

European nations condemned the attack by Hamas into Israel. “I am shocked by this morning’s attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israeli citizens,” Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Israel has an absolute right to defend itself.”

France’s Foreign Ministry wrote that it “condemns in the strongest terms the ongoing terrorist attacks against Israel and its population.” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, meanwhile, tweeted that “the rocket fire from Gaza and the escalating violence shocks us deeply,” and voiced his own condemnation, adding that his country “stands by Israel.” Leaders from the Netherlands and Croatia, as well as a senior European Union official, also condemned the attacks.

49 minutes ago

Egypt appealed for restraint, warning of the dangers of escalation. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry called on the international community to “intervene immediately to stop the current escalation.”

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