TheVoiceOfJoyce Twenty percent of the Ukrainian people are refugees in Poland, Moldova & Rumania. Disinformation campaigns are starting on Social Media, claiming these people, without safe haven, mostly women, children and the elderly, are getting better wages than residents. The hatred begins and has no good ending. Remember, hate claims two victims, don’t envoy the misfortune of others or listen to Misinformation. It exists to incite hate and violence. On the bright side, The first grain shipment reached Turkey. Ukraine has 10 million Tonnes of grains, corn & fertilizer to ship to ease food insecurity. If those ships get through safely, perhaps other cease fires can be negotiated. Meanwhile, Russia uses a nuclear power plant to shield its weapons. Ukraine is calling for a no fly zone over the Plant, for fear of a Nuclear accident. Day 161 and the War continues!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Zelensky has much to concern him. The release of grain, signed by Putin as he continues to lash out . Then, Putin brazenly bombed Odesa’s Port. Will Putin honor his agreement with Turkey and the UN & allow the grain to flow? Or will his disdain for Binding Contracts prevail? It’s a risk worth taking. 400 million lives are counting on Ukrainian grain. Next, Zelensky has collaborators with the Russians and needs Russian entrenchment positions. Zelensky is asking the Ukrainian people for their help in pinpointing the Collaborators and the exact sites of Russian Entrenchment/ Occupation! Once the information is at hand, an effective Counteroffensive can be launched, leading to a cease fire and reclamation of Land lost. With 2 million Ukrainians, kidnapped and brought to Russia, no matter what happens, there can be no fair Russian Referendum, unless and until they are returned. Besides, it’s too early for Putin to decide Ukraine is now Russian. Fierce fighting disproves his lie!

TheVoiceOfJoyce: The War in Ukraine is on going and Russia claims they’re not ready for peace talks. Putin’s agenda, no matter how much destruction of the Ukrainian land, is most likely, The Ports & Donbas. More arms flowing to Zelensky. The Grains? Turkey’s position on Sweden & Finland, the Kurds? Russian oil is now flowing back to the EU at 40% Capacity. Blame some Rapacious politicians for your reliance on oil and start thinking seriously about supplemental energy production. As we find out the “ hard way” , Our lives depend on us reducing our Carbon footprint. Start now, insist all Carbon & methane leaks at facilities are capped or fines levied! Integrate Solar & wind turbines into the electric grid, by using old coal mine infrastructure for their integration ! We’re not powerless, we merely have to think quickly and strategically to save our people and resources.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin assures progress is being made to transport Ukrainian grains. The Russian army has been isolated and unable to claim further territory. Russia wants to annex the Southern Ports, though key bridges are being blown. The World is waiting for a major counter offensive and a quick end to this unjust War. Meanwhile, the EU considers gas rationing to all Citizens. They’re going to require a lot of Solar integration into the Grid and more mass transportation to survive the fall and winter.

Day 146 of the Ukrainian War. Putin is meeting with Erdogan in Iran to discussGrain transfers out of the Ukraine. The front lines are stabilizing with Ukraine’s new weapons. Zelensky has started to push back at the Russian invasion. Russia lacks man power to hold their positions. Meanwhile, more Banks and others added to the Sanctions list and the EU meets with US to discuss supply chains and the replacement of gas with Renewable Energy. Might as well integrate clean energy into their grid, CO2 emissions are causing the latest unsustainable heat wave. Surviving is the best revenge. Then, making sure War never comes to the Continents again, is a Political must do! The World needs to remain Globalized to stop Wars before they begin.

TheVoiceOfJoyce: if the Country fails to ban assault weapons and extended magazines for mass murder and refuses to automate background checks, or monitor and remove dangerous web chat and their perpetrators from Social Media Sites and the Dark Web, does the Public have any other recourse, other than to provide millions of safe spaces within our schools? Common sense, says protect our kids and disarm those who are prone to violence, even & especially the White Supreicist’ in our midst.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Massive litigation against Big Oil will bring down the behemoths. They’ve been lying about their knowledge of Climate Change for 50 yrs and buried their denial with disinformation campaigns . Now they’re touting a cabin capture methodology, that is not used. Stop their games and they’re wasting of time, Sue them exponentially, Now! There is no defense for them now. Fossil Fuels are a sunset industry. Assets will be left in the ground. Just like Litigation is due to bring Fossil Fuels use to a halt, why not use the same tactics to curtail and stop the use of guns in America , too! Make our cities and our World safer at once!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Fox News, OAN and Newsmax are being sued by Dominion voting machines, for lying about the integrity of their machines , when they knew the Machines were not rigged in Biden’ s favor. The suit alleges that these organizations knowing lied and perpetuated a fraud. This Big Lie, had violent consequences. The litigation is proceeding.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Gun advocates have already proven guns are for shooting human targets. The NY State Laws are sensible and have an enforcement strategy. Education and training are essential in order to own a gun, understanding a persons character is also essential. Their entire Social Media presence should be disclosed or face fines and loss of gun license! Guns kill people!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia has destroyed and conquered towns in the East and South and is unable to hold power as the Ukrainian resistance targets collaborators and Russian administrators. Maintaining control of Ukrainian cities and people won’t be easy, especially when Western sophisticated weapons arrive. Day 129, perhaps this is the beginning of the countdown to the end of Putin’s war of Imperialist aggression.