AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce An informative interview with Bill Gates , “On Preventing the Next Pandemic “, his new book. He’d make WHO responsible for 3000 workers & Scientists Globally communicating and sharing information on the next potential microbe to infect us. An early warning system for Pandemics. These platforms are doable and would be $1 Billion well spent to prevent the next Pandemic and the loss of lives and $10 Trillion in Global GDP. For links and more questions posed to Bill Gates, read the article. His main concern now is malnutrition and child hunger. 2 nd , Vaccines to eradicate HIV & TB

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Unionize all airport workers $2-8/hr is not a living wage. Get a Union and get healthcare, vacation pay, benefits and a pension. The Dallas workers , can consult the folks in Amazon Staten Island for advice. Strike , if necessary. Be determined. Unionization is the way out of poverty and monetary insecurity. Do it for yourselves and families.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Inflation has been with us for 6-9 months. Wages for the Lower & Middle Classes have not kept up with inflation/cost of living. When families have to skip meals or medications, America has a humanitarian crisis. Our cities are not being bombed and many Americans, 1450/day are dying from Covid. Our Infrastructure is inadequate. Our kids require medial studies. Women are not re entering the work place because they Lack adequate childcare and they lack transportation. For the Families Act is still a requirement. We pledged $12 Billion for the Ukrainians and that is humane. Why not be equally humane to our fellow Countryman? Don’t leave any child behind. We need strong well educated citizens to thrive in the 21 st Century. Pass for the Families Act and Stop greedy monopolies from increasing prices, because they lack competition. Write your Congressional representative and let them know you’re desperate for price relief and just wages. The poor and Middle Classes need government intervention, too!

TheVoiceOfJoyce America will prosper when we leave all racial disparities behind us. Equal justice, equal opportunity & education for all. Vouchers to leave poverty areas for better housing & schools. Training for better jobs and policing that must consider the rights of all Americans. No more Military mentality when fighting crimes. We need counseling to coexist with police policy. When we realize all poverty is an issue to prevent, we can raise our Economy and wages and be an engine of change for the World. Increasing our GDP decreases prices by 2%. We’re better off with a robust productive Middle Class.

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s, Epi #82 ” Nuremberg

History/Hitler’s Rise to Power in the 1920’s I can’t help noticing the similarities between Trumps rise to power and Hitler’s. Hitler , too , was discounted as a leader. Jail for him was a blessing. He was treated like royalty in prison & wrote Mein Kamph, his autobiographical manifesto, outlining his ideological plans for Germany. … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube Tuesday’s, Epi #82 ” Nuremberg

TheVoiceOfJoyce Government works to help “We the People “. The Relief Bill was a start. The Family Bill will stimulate the Economy and the Infrastructure Bill will create more jobs with good wages. To codify our accomplishments & move forward, Fundamental Change is needed to create a minimum wage, so we don’t have Nomads roaming America , the NLRB will encourage Unions, Election Reforms will make our votes count. Government is the Solution!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Companies don’t understand, to be an employee, we need childcare, preK, transportation. The Relief Bill was triage. The Family Bills or The Jobs Act makes going back to work possible. This legislation must be passed now to promote economic security for Everyone. Take away people’s fear of eviction, give the money to the long term unemployed and gig workers, childcare to single mothers and a decent wage and they’ll flock back. Pay with dignity and the Stimulus and Benefits Package are needed now! Don’t delay! There is no Labor shortage! Only poor people without the resources to return to work!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Pipeline attack shows energy transportation vulnerability. Critical infrastructure requires IT upgrades and security, plus Flexible delivery systems & alternatives. The faster Congress passes the next two bills, the faster people can return to the workforce. The Relief Bill didn’t change our need for childcare, preK education, Community College, transportation.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Georgia can be proud of their Senators. Can every State say the same about theirs. In NYC , many long term unemployed, would appreciate help from their Legislators navigating the new benefits slotted to them. Where is their procedural help. Where’s new technology to help us build new faster Subway connections, the tunnels between Nyc & NJ? Who’s liking educated employees to Corporations & stopping AI resume discrimination?

TheVoiceOfJoyce Starting new programs are difficult. When the Federal Government set up the rental income system for tenants & Landlords, why not send guidelines along with the Program. Obviously, the States are ill equipped to handle disbursement of these funds and need procedures & IT help to fairly distribute their funds to those in need. Yes, a Federal program exists, the money is sufficient to fund approximately 10 million @$10,000 each!