AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Is your Hospital a non profit? Don’t bet on it. Providence is a huge Hospital system, located primarily on the West coast and it has a nasty habit of taking Billions in taxpayer monies , in order to be tax exempt. However, as a modern Corporation, it doesn’t play by the rules and charges charity patients, even though those patients are entitled to free care. Patients are harassed at bedside. Hospital employees do the dirty work or lose pay. If pressure doesn’t succeed and a Medicaid patient walks out without paying, then, debt collectors pursue patients relentlessly, destroying patients credit. Meanwhile, the Providence system’s, CEO , made $10 million last year and their endowment is traded on the exchange. That’s the Big Businesses model today, lawless with no enforcement of Rules and regulations. Where are our State and Federal congressional representatives to protect us? Are they soliciting Providence corporate and money to stay in power? They say, Senator Warnock, of Georgia, , can’t be trusted, because he’s a Pastor, better that , then a full time politician on the dole! How is your local hospital treating you? Is it a non profit? There’s a form to fill out if you think you’ve been charged by your hospital erroneously.

In February, Bob Ferguson, the state’s attorney general, accused Providence of violating state law, in part by using debt collectors to pursue more than 55,000 patient accounts. The suit alleged that Providence wrongly claimed those patients owed a total of more than $73 million.

Providence, which is fighting the lawsuit, has said it will stop using debt collectors to pursue money from low-income patients who should qualify for free care in Washington.

But The Times found that the problems extend beyond Washington. In interviews, patients in California and Oregon who qualified for free care said they had been charged thousands of dollars and then harassed by collection agents. Many saw their credit scores ruined. Others had to cut back on groceries to pay what Providence claimed they owed. In both states, nonprofit hospitals are required by law to provide low-income patients with free or discounted care.

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