AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Inflation has been with us for 6-9 months. Wages for the Lower & Middle Classes have not kept up with inflation/cost of living. When families have to skip meals or medications, America has a humanitarian crisis. Our cities are not being bombed and many Americans, 1450/day are dying from Covid. Our Infrastructure is inadequate. Our kids require medial studies. Women are not re entering the work place because they Lack adequate childcare and they lack transportation. For the Families Act is still a requirement. We pledged $12 Billion for the Ukrainians and that is humane. Why not be equally humane to our fellow Countryman? Don’t leave any child behind. We need strong well educated citizens to thrive in the 21 st Century. Pass for the Families Act and Stop greedy monopolies from increasing prices, because they lack competition. Write your Congressional representative and let them know you’re desperate for price relief and just wages. The poor and Middle Classes need government intervention, too!

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