The GOP Convention: Gaffs, warts and all….

1. I started to watch the GoP convention, only to last about 10 min. Even the delegates seemed bored. The same old stuff: Ban Abortions, Trash Obama, Take back our Constitution? I hadn’t realized it was lost,until Justices Scalia and Thomas perverted it’s use to push through the Citizens United Legislation. By all means, let’s take back our Consitution. Repeal Citizens United, Now. Everyday wasted in this pursuit is a day less of Liberty and Freedom.

2. All substantive issues addressing job and revenue growth in this country were tabled in favor of the prevailing rhetoric: Union bashing; ” we’re for small business , the backbone of this Nation ” and vague statements on the GOP’s concern for Infrastructure. Leaves you wondering, what do they care about? How are they going to provide revenue to keep most small businesses from closing? Where’ s their action plan for re- building America? Did I miss something?

3. NY Times Nicholas Kristoff 8/29/12. The Secret Weapon :All of us. One of The lead speakers for the GOP showing disdain for the Stimulus Package was a hardworking business person, Sher Valenzuela, her fledgling upholstery business received $2Million in SBA loans and $15Million in non bid government contracts. If you’ re going to flaunt a success story, please don’t use Crony Capitalism to state your point. Those of us still struggling to earn a living resent the mis- use of Stimulus Funds. They have gone to the same groups of people never trickling down to the general economy.

4. LOL: After surveying the Convention Hall John Boehner was heard to remark, that a 4 day extravaganza may no longer be necessary? Re-introducing the Candidates to the American people is over kill in the age of social media. Additionally, when those folks are deprived of their umbrellas and bananas, their sense of well being has been destroyed . Time to re- think the need. Who’ s benefiting?

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