Change will Come, it will be positive!

1. Heard this morning on Bloomberg News: Greece is going to work on infrastructure, build roads and provide 30, 000 jobs. This is the true meaning of government at work. It’s not about the size of government, it’s all about Government’s ability to be effective and provide a basis for “the good life” for all it’s people.

2. NY Times As coolant is phased out, smugglers reap big profits? Old air conditioners require Freon, it’s illegal to use because it depletes the ozone layer. What was done? Marcone, bought it from China to service old air conditioners here and abroad. Obviously, this was done to circumvent the law and make money. My question is why? Why can’t we stop living in the past and start moving forward on technology? There could be a solution; offer an incentive to owners of old air conditioners , even subsidize their disposal, and purchase and install the new energy efficient models. Win Win. Money flows into a new product and we get cleaner air? What do you think?

3. Nothing good in the papers The Italians are lamenting the economic proposals for their Nation. The French are concerned about the proposed austerity programs in their country. As a plumber stated, When Hollande, places austerity on us things will get worse. While, In America we’re watching a “political circus”, snipes and barbs and no action toward recovery or monetary stabilization? At least the French Prime Minister has it partially right, ” The question of labor costs is not the alpha and omega of what needs to be done”. They’re going to invest in R”&D, education and more home grown business. Is it time for Americans to buy American products?

4. LOL I quote from the Times, quoting, Bob Woodward’s book The Price Of Politics, ” the debt limit crisis was a time of of peril for the United States, it’s economy and it’s place in the global financial order.”. Neither President Obama or speaker Boehner handled it particularly well, unable to transcend their fixed partisan convictions and dogmas.”. “That’s all for now folks.”.

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