Change will come, one middle class person at a time

1. Now I understand why the Fed is pumping money back into the economy, they want to create more liquidity in the banks so they will want to loan to business. The proposed consequences are relieving the banks of more of their mortgage backed securities, providing them greater solvency. Additionally, the ever buoyed stock market should be able to float to new heights for a few. The key word is the few. Once again we’re into stimulus that will help the few. Nothing has changed, the crony capitalism carousel keeps turning. With no seat at this table, the “people” are left out once again.

2. Why are “the people” left out of the market society? The simple answer is we’ve been taught to give away our knowledge and services. What would happen if we played the game, too ? What would happen, if the people were no longer victims but charged for every service rendered? Perhaps charging for services and experience would create a fee based service at the middle sufficient to create a National Dialog? After all, the middle class is the engine that fuels this economy, if we refused to share our knowledge and services, except for an appropriate fee wouldn’t that create a circulation of wealth with unintended consequences? Worth a try! Learn from some of the younger people, they’re already there!

3. Society like people evolve by the “games” people play. If there is no victim acquiescing , the game changes. We may have been concentrating on the wrong causes and effects. I have been seeking to change the status quo by insisting on changes in the Macro and Micro society. No more. Change will come about by changing the game. Do I still think that securing the monetary system is key to our future, you bet. Do I know that Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame for this market society, I could cite chapter and verse: Merely ask, who created the laws and then who started the law and accounting firms to circumvent the law? The Society has indeed been rigged.

4. LOL. Do it in America, better yet, do it in Brooklyn. NY Times today. , Watermark Designs makes plumbing parts for hotels and sells these parts to China. They’re custom parts, selling at expensive prices using modern 3 D printers for design. We have talent in the States, we need to take advantage of our knowledge and sell it all over the world at ” good” prices. Way to go Brooklyn!

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