Our Republic is Broken, but it can be fixed!

1. How do we link high level jobs to employers & employees? Why is there a disconnect? What does the employer require to start the training process and start large scale production? These are not tough questions. Years ago that was the conundrum of the growing business, cash strapped you had to employ more people to grow. Economics were tight, you borrowed money and survived.What’s different?

2. NYTimes 9/23/12 Ross Douthat. It’s good to be a Congressman or anyone living in Washington DC. This Congress has been labelled, the do nothing Congress, but that’s not true. It took all of their immense self preservation skills to maintain the status quo. I quote Ross Douthat Washington versus America, ” We’re running those trillion dollar deficits because too many powerful interest groups have a stake in making sure the party doesn’t stop. You see a city running on exploitation”.

3. NYTimes 9/23/12 Quoting Thomas Friedman ” I don’t believe the two most powerful forces on the planet, the market and Mother Nature, will sit idle for another decade and let us keep building these huge financial deficits and carbon surpluses without one day delivering some punishing blows that will require Herculean leadership “.

4. LOLParphraising ; Bill Moyer’s Sunday 6PM / The IRS was told to back down from investigating Super PACS by a group of Republican Senators . The IRS started to look into the donations and tried to determine if these funds were legal and gifted. ALL INVESTIGATIONS WERE TOLD TO STOP AND AWAIT DIRECTION AND CLARIFICATION OF THE LAW BY CONGRESS! What’s happening? Too many special interest groups are contributing to Super Pacs. The petroleum industry & Foreign corporations are contributing to Super Pacs, to name a few! Our government has been hijacked, thanks to Citizens United. Nobody is acting in the best interest of our country? Full disclosure of contributions to Super Pacs is mandated , it’s up to the Court’s to follow the trail of money. Why are the justice’s assigned to enforce the original McCain Feingold Full Disclosure Law not seated ? Too many questions remain unanswered as we sit and wonder what happened to our Democracy.

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