News worthy truths that should make us think about our “Values”

1. NY Times 9/27/12. As US discusses limits on high speed trading, other nations act: Stock markets around the globe are now using the American Stock Market as a model of what they don’t want. Not only are countries like Canada, Germany and Australia curtailing the use of fast trades, some like Canada are also developing rules, by October 15th , to curtail the growth of dark pools , sophisticated trading venues, lacking transparency. Note; fast trades are 65% of all US trades allowing a real redistribution of profits from long term investors to fast traders?

2. NYTimes 9/27/12. While new home sales slipped in August, the price of new home sales increased to $256,000. This news was hailed as good news, but is it really evidence of a healthy economy? While prices are approaching 2007 levels, I would think fewer people are able to afford these homes while still reeling from their debt burdens?

3. FT France is proposing a 75% tax on incomes over $1 million euros, many are claiming foul but the program slated to last 2 years is deemed necessary in these extraordinary times. In France, the sentiment is , those who can do more contribute more then those who can’t. Would this work in America? Somewhat? It might be better to develop a Public Trust Fund with money slated to create jobs and manufacturing here in America. Like France, Patriotism starts at home. Support our home grown talent and create new industries. We can do it!

4. NYTimes 9/28/12 Enrollment drops again in graduate programs!? Americans afraid to take on more debt in a period of severe unemployment have stopped applying for graduate degrees. Among American citizens matriculation fell by 2.3 % while temporary residents increased matriculation by 7.8%. More alarming, temporary residents comprise 16.9% of all graduate students in American Colleges. That figure continues to grow as foreign governments pay for their citizens to obtain an education in US technical programs?….

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