How can you live the Good Life?

1. Fair Trade, NY Times Business : it’ s mostly coffee for now; Think Green Mountain Coffee: significant partnerships are being forged between Fair Trade and the farmer, earning more profit for the farmer & allowing the communities empowered by Fair Trade to invest in themselves and education. But Fair Trade is not just coffee,( it could be nuts,cocoa, wine,flowers) the concept and it’s branding will be promoted by Young and Rubicam, owned by WPP , & featured on the Green Mountain Facebook Page. The concept is a win win , promoting productive workers and creating more wealth to pursue education and other community needs. Whole Foods is promoting these foods, maybe we should start requesting and using Fair Trade Products?

2. PBS Who Stole the American Dream a new book going back to the 70’s Showing the splitting off of the middle class, as they continue to be left behind in the “new society”. Half of the baby boom economy is slated to live in poverty. Why? Too much money concentrated at the top, but no anger accompanies the recognition of this inequality. So the cycle continues, with the dis empowering of the middle class, the economy ceases to grow.

3. Huffington Post article about the Hedge Funds being disillusioned with the Obama policy “of tax the rich. ” You have to agree , Mr Cooperman makes a good point, unless you change the society, why tax the wealthy? No one has control over the money unless you stop the corruption, stop the lobbyists and reform the systems. Start with repealing Citizens United.

4. LOL: FT Greek Clamp on Graft. There is now a ” zero ” tolerance for corruption after more then 30 politicians are probed for alleged bribery and tax evasion. In one instance, the speaker of the Parliament, who stepped down last week , Evangelos Meimarakkis and 2 former cabinet members were accused in a newspaper article of involvement in a $10.2 billion euro money laundering operation in collusion with 2 Athens real estate brokers. It seems, Greek money has gone somewhere!?

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