The Voice of Joyce: Contract with America/ an agenda for job creation &income equality

After listening to The Sunday talking Heads,morning and evening, I am more convinced then ever that a lot of Americans are questioning ” Why Vote”? I’m one of them. Neither Presidential Candidate has actually addressed any of the real issues Americans care about. It’s the economy! Romney’s plan is secret and Obama’s rhetoric is eloquent, but we have no reason to believe he’ll bail out the economy. In fact, according to the TARP top cop, Neil Barofsky, Obama’s asst. to Treasury, told Barofsky to go easy on the Banks. So why vote?

In the event, you feel compelled to favor one ideology over another, ask yourself if either candidate will enter into the following Contract with America that I propose? Surly, if they won’t , vote for me, Joyce, I won’t disappoint you. I am non partisan and believe the economy provides a compelling reason to change Society and requires voting on the issues, not on the Party. Consider the following agenda, while waiting for Sandy! A real agenda for change, for all of us, now!

The voice ofJoyce: Contract with American’s / an agenda to create jobs and more income equality

1. Overturn Citizens United. A Constitutional Amendment is required because Corporate Governance does not have the desire to do ” right” for anyone but themselves. The Supreme Court mistakenly sanctioned this law under the guise of ” free speech”, but it has proved to be a shadow banking system for the ultra wealthy, corporations (American & foreign) and other political entities serving the malign purposes of the few. Citizens United has had the corrupting ability to destroy our Democracy. One man one vote has been cast aside in favor of supporting the best political candidate money can buy.

2. Given our poor rankings in Health Care,education , and infrastructure in the world, we do not need another war or exotic projects to reverse this recession. We can implement projects using the lowest borrowing rates in our history. In fact, it would be folly not to start new projects now, because the pay off in revenue in 10 years would be realized. Why should the money sit idle?

3. How would we generate revenue sufficient to implement new projects while paying off our debt? We would implement regulations to stabilize our Monetary system and simultaneously reform our tax code. Every major economist in our Country expects another financial crisis to occur, so, we should be pro active: Re- instate Glass Steagall and tax the shadow banking system ( derivative markets, fast trades, et al) to decrease their influence on the ” free market” and increase income equality. America is the only Country on the planet allowing flash trades to exceed 50% , thus insuring that long term investment is nullified. For individuals to have faith in the Markets, we should regulate those Markets and assure that the stock market is a reflection of Wall Street and Main Street. Pre financial crash, 2.5 Billion trades occurred on a daily basis, now most people dare not trust the Market and trades average 500 million? Why shouldn’t we all benefit from ” good ” corporations’ financial returns?

Tax reform should be 2 pronged as well, but it’s easier to implement one quick fix. Treat capital gains as income. This single item, if implemented , has the possibility of bringing our Country back to fiscal solvency according to several leading economists. Then, we should consider a graduated income tax, starting at $ 40, 000/ year and up. We should capture all income levels and tax income accordingly on a Pre- determined graduated scale.

4. With the revenue we’ve generated, there is always ” room for reform”. Starting with Obama care, re- consider a single payer system by expanding Medicare. Medicare works. Eliminate the insurance companies, I know this is politically unacceptable, and implement negotiated drug benefits. Give Pharma a chance; personally I’d rather rely on accredited regulated Pharmaceutical companies. We have the tools to reform health care, we need the Political will.

5. Education Reform, was almost accomplished in 2008, I’m told. Well, it’s not too late to start being serious about educational reform. If we are to remain a world power, we should be increasing our kids math and science skills. Additionally, we should be abolishing the Student Loan program. And think about Loan Forgiveness, lest the burden of student loans overwhelms the middle class and creates another credit bubble. By all means, build schools in deprived areas, but stop creating Taj Mahals and for profit unaccredited Universities. We want real education and skills to benefit our kids, their community and the corporations producing products for the 21 st Century.

6. Mundane to be sure, but creating Infrastructure for the 21 st Century will pay off in bucks. We have crumbling bridges, roads, tunnels and antiquated rail and power systems. Isn’t it time to use the lowest borrowing costs available to re-build our Country using a Public/Private partnership? We could put millions back to work; infrastructure is so much more then roads. It encompasses the energy grid, our carbon foot print, an energy policy, more….

Like previous recessions, we could also employ many, by improving our National Parks. Let’s consider building new facilities to accommodate our expanding immigrant families. The Hispanic family, naming one group in our diversified community, tends to travel with more then 6 adults and children, wouldn’t it be great to build lodges, camp sites and housing acknowledging this reality. Our Nation is blessed with beautiful National Parks, why not make them accessible for all Americans to celebrate life well lived?

7. Most important. To create a just and equitable society, stop the revolving door between lobbyists and government. Set up a 7 year firewall between the two. It is the responsibility of Congress to write our Laws, not business. We should elect congressmen as if our lives depended upon them, because our lives do!

If we implement this kind of contract/ agenda with the American people, we will, I’m sure restore faith in ourselves. It’ s your choice , whether you choose me or one of our Presidential candidates, Choose hope, choose our future; it’s not hard to say yes to these few items. I RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING:
. Reform education
. Reform health care/ don’t abolish it
. Develop infrastructure
. Stabilize our monetary system
. Reform our tax code and eliminate the capital gains tax
. Create a 7 year firewall between lobbyists and government

The choice is yours. I proposed this Contract with America for our benefit. Sincerely, the voice of Joyce

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