From the city that never sleeps: Think big & REBUILD!

1. Mother Nature has sent us a message, if you can’t control me, control your environment. Of course, we can do both, we just have to be a little smarter; think short term clean up and assessment of damage and long term policy for improving our way of life.

2. Short term, I can offer my company’s resources for rebuilding; try us, Merit Carpets, Inc. 631-249-2277. We’re not just floors! We are currently an open shop. Quality work at competitive pricing ( We’re there for the long term , too.)

3. To utilize the millions of people unemployed, may I suggest a compromise with the unions. During this emergency period, allow a more liberal use of apprentices to be hired to supplement the mechanics in all industries. In the Carpenter’s Union, there is a 4:1 ratio between journey men / full mechanics/ and apprentices. If you made this ratio 1:1 , imagine how many more people would be employed at decent rates with a measurable increase in productivity. If you offered incentives to small businesses during this emergency, perhaps even more people would find Unions a real benefit? Just a thought and open for discussion.

4. Mother Nature has taught us, that if we don’t improve our infrastructure, rails, roads tunnels and power grids , etc . , we will eventually be beaten back to the ” stone age”. So, to avoid a nullification of our vast technological achievements, let’s start our vast rebuilding plan. They say out of chaos comes order! We know we have a real need to rebuild, let’s not waste time thinking about it and become serious about our future and our kid’s future.

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