Pity the people/ New York stories

1. For 2 years the Politicians avoided talking about issues that were of vital importance to Americans. The New York Times has printed flood maps for years, noting a “what if scenario”, showing all the flood zones in detail. But no Politician has spoken about the need to upgrade our infrastructure. They still don’t have plans ready for the Public. Yet, this issue has become our focus in New York. Sandy is our wake up call. Rebuilding our City is the way back to civilization and prosperity for our Nation.

2.In my apartment building, Our Concierge remains without power in his home in Far Rockaway, so he’s sleeping in our building, performing his job as if nothing has happened. He has friends who have lost their homes, yet he’s just doing his job! One of many unsung heroes, I’m sure.

3. Chaos on Long Island, as gasoline became scarce. The National Guard is backing up the Police, keeping order. Why don’ t we use civilians to help out in this massive clean up effort. People want to work, surely there are jobs available for many that don’t require skilled labor. We need a volunteer command center to post jobs for the unemployed. Something primitive,like flyers, word of mouth? Smart phones are not in everyone’s possession?

4. I hear we’re getting ” generators and equipment” for Long Island Power from California? While, EMS trucks are coming here from Sarasota, Florida. Don’t we have enough people here to help ourselves ? Can’t we put our own people to work, they can drive trucks, hold up signs, whatever? Surely, not everyone needs to be skilled? But if we need skilled labor, How do we tap into all the small businesses to provide needed goods and services? I still think, share the wealth, let more people work, we can’t afford to let people suffer.

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