Some fun and let’s be real/ We are on the precipice?

1. NYC ARTS : NY ; The National Academy of the Arts Museum and School, has a dynamite show by women artists, exhibiting their paintings and sculpture. While, At the Metropolitan Museum of Art there is an interesting exhibit of photography; faking it before photo shop. Photos worth the visit . NYC ARTS. ON CHANNEL 13. Is ALSO AN APP FOR YOUR SMART PHONE! Highly recommended for culture buffs.

2.Then, Metro Focus Looks at the closure of 4 City Hospitals due to SUPER STORM SANDY. DR FINK DISCUSSES THE VULNERABILITY OF THE NYC HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS. STATING, WE HAVEN’T BEEN PREPARED FOR THE EFFECTS OF THESE STORMS. So many people left behind, the elderly, the handicapped , even relatively independent folks have difficulty walking down 23 flights of stairs. Worse, “marginal people ” in society have now totally lost their safety net; They no longer have health care or a place to go.

3. METRO FOCUS continues to examine the long term rebuilding that has yet to be proposed. CHRISTINE WHITMAN. comments that the loss of income in both NJ AND NYC will be enormous. The “mom and pop stores ” are already suffering and will continue to do so. When I was in downtown NYC yesterday, riding thru Water and Wall Streets, I saw an alien site; HIGH RISE BUILDINGS , TOTALLY DARK, BEING MARGINALLY POWERED BY EXTERIOR BOILERS AND GENERATORS. NYC EMPLOYEES, THOUGH LUCKY TO REMAIN EMPLOYED, ARE NOW DISPLACED INDEFINITELY, AS THE CITY DECIDES HOW TO REBUILD. NYU estimates there will be a 10% vacancy rate in commercial real estate in NYC. I Don’t hear anyone talking short or long term plans. Scientists spent years trying to convince the World that Climate Change is here. They were ignored, and now nobody is sure what to do next .

4. LOL. Forget fun, forget rebuilding They are all SECONDARY TO PUTTING OUR FISCAL HOUSE IN ORDER . It’s fool hardy to burden the middle class when the real money is in taxing flash trades, converting fee income to an income tax and taxing the Corporate Welfare State . Which brings me to:

The Last Laugh of the day? Just finished the NY Times : High Speed trade Giants to merge; The hedge fund Knight Capital Group, which controls 10-15% of trades in American Stocks, is going to merge with Getco, of Chicago, one of the leaders in high frequency trading. WATCH OUT , THE KNIGHT CAPITAL GROUP LOST $460 million last summer, after a “computer misstep”? One can only wonder, what happens when you increase your volume, your risk, and your losses? Who pays?

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