PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Makes you think, plus worthwhile innovation

1. WSJ: 12/29/12. Dean’s list: Hiring Spree Fattens College Bureaucracy & Tuition. Proof finally, that the student loan program doesn’t need to exist ( my theory, not WSJ). A WSJ analyst, studied the salary and employment records of the University of Minnesota, from 2001 to Spring, 2012, , with the finding that 1000 administrators were added during this period. Their ranks grew 37% , more then twice as fast as the teaching corps and nearly twice as fast as the student body. ONE CAN ONLY WONDER WHAT’S happening at other institutions of higher learning? Perhaps if they curtailed administrative spending, there would be money left over for scholarships and teachers?

2. A great idea WSJ 12/29/12 SUBWAY’s APP FUTURE ARRIVES FOR SOME. There may be some kinks in the system, but the concept is quite useful. Anything that let’s passengers know when to expect their train is a positive. I saw those photos of people standing on stairs as they waited and watched for their trains, trying to determine which platform would be accommodating their incoming or outgoing train first. A+ for the developer and the MTA.

3. FRONT PAGE, NY TIMES, 12/30/12 HALFWAY HOUSES PROVE LUCRATIVE TO THOSE AT TOP; an example of Crony Capitalism and how it works. ” Millions paid in salary, finances of 2 non profits face more scrutiny in New Jersey. Federal Grants are paid to non profits , the money used to go to small for profit business; the grant is supporting half way houses, a ” good social idea”. The problem occurs when there is no Federal or State oversight reviewing the money dispersed and spent. THE NON PROFITS, ARE “Granted” the money. They in turn use the money to support themselves and their families and preferred for profit contractors. $500,000,000 has been granted to half way houses over the last decade. They’re talking about regulation now, but what about restitution of funds used for shell companies and relatives accepting millions out of state? How many prisoners were actually helped by this system? How many jobs were created?

4. LOL THE FINANCIAL TIMES12/31/12 : THOSE WHO MUDDLE THROUGH MAY INHERIT THE EARTH. ” Muddling through is a habit of accommodating and adapting to novel events that cannot be planned for in advance. ERIC HOFFER: stated, In times of change it is the learners who inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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