1. NY TIMES 1/4/13 Gore went to bat for AL JAZEERA , AND HIMSELF. To paraphrase, Current TV, never really took off as a news channel but it has significant penetration into 10’s of millions of households. Using his network, Gore called on everyone looking to drop the station and convinced them to sign on with the English version of AL JAZEERA. Current TV was sold for $ 500 million and Gore takes home $ 100million.

2. NY TIMES 1/4/13 RISE IN GUNS CONFISCATED AT AIRPORTS. A record setting 1500 firearms were detected in 2012. Nearly 85% of these weapons were loaded and went thru major southern and western hubs. Passengers are allowed to pack an unloaded registered weapon in a special sealed hard sided checked case. Among the weapons detected were: 380 semi- automatic, stun guns, grenades and rocket launchers?

3.NY TIMES 1/4/13 A senate investigation into Technology. Giants’ Tax Strategies Near An End. Though it’s admirable to go after those seeking off shore tax havens, let’s not forget the major multi nationals who have long survived on this strategy. Is the Senate going to reform the tax code for all Corporations seeking off shore tax havens ? If not, why not? Shouldn’t Corporate welfare be considered in the next round of budget talks as well?

4. Mohamed El Erian on Bloomberg News. Supports short term infrastructure investment. Investors should realize that the Fed is keeping the market rising. Be smart and invest in good companies. Makes sense. Still a New Year ( Be well. Be safe).

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