PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Change is slow but it happens

1. NY TIMES 1/5/13. FDA PROPOSES BROAD NEW RULES ON FOOD SAFETY. After fatal outbreak , long awaited move to stop Contamination before it happens. FINALLY, Congress will codify the food safety law passed two years ago. In the 70’s , GMP’S ( good manufacturing practices) were standard methods of operation . Manufacturers were compelled to notify the FDA and simultaneously resolve and contain any product contaminant. The new changes would include record keeping, contingency planning and containment procedures. Along with the necessity to provide proper supervision of cleanliness when handling product.

2. NY TIMES 1/5/13 MASSACHUSETTS. PLANS STRICTER CONTROL OF COMPOUNDING PHARMACIES. The laws will be among the strongest in the country and it is feared, unscrupulous firms will move out of STATE. If a federal law, copying the Massachusetts initiative were written, the COUNTRY WOULD BE A SAFER PLACE? We would no longer have to fear another ” meningitis ” type outbreak. There would be uniform laws throughout the country regulating and enforcing Pharmacies compliance.

3. NY TIMES 1/5/13. A TRIMMED DOWN BRIDGE STANDS THOUGH IN A STORM. By removing 6000 pounds of steel trusses supporting the Whitestone Bridge and replacing those structures with aerodynamic fiberglass fairings, THE. BRONX- WHITESTONE BRIDGE withstood 80 mph winds without any movement . Much credit goes to Alan G. Dayenport at the BOUNDARY LAYER WING TUNNEL LABORATORY in London, Ontario. This science has been extended to low rise as well as hi- rise skyscrapers. Dr Gregory A. Kopp of Western University should be in demand for his research on hip- roofs. Mundane perhaps , but property and life saving at it’s best.

Natural Retreats, developed by Mark Rockefeller and Mathew Spence from the UK. They have added new accommodations along The Snake River in the Grand Tetons. ( Personally, I thought this was one of the most beautiful places to see and stay, I wanted to own a vacation home there .)
Both developers agree, the National Parks must do more to attract and capture the imagination of the next generation. What a glorious wish, I quote, ” They want to provide new generations of families with the same wonderful childhood memories they had when visiting the PARKS”.

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