PUBLIC ADVOCACY: BLOGHER 13/You can’t buy me but you can rent me!

1. Learning from the experts: How to make money and profit from self publishing . The Stats count, the more followers, the easier it is to be noticed and published.  You can’t be over exposed? 


Guy Kowasaki, made it from Blogging to self publishing, to being promoted by sponsors who want him! Hey, you never know. It pays to promote!

His Publication,   APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur- How to Publish a Book.  In his own words, If you want a comprehensive and realistic guide to self publishing, read APE.  Got the free card, but haven’t ordered yet.  Swears by Google Plus?

Listed below are some of the Awesome people I met and what they Promote:

1. Deborah Niemann publishes Sustainable Living and Mother Earth News Wiser Living series under the Eco Thrifty logo; for cheaper greener choices for a happier, healthier life. I use her cloth bag, to carry melons , etc back from the Lincoln Center outdoor market, not exactly total sustainability, but a start! We now have a neighborhood outdoor market every Thurs. and Saturday year round. You can’t beat the taste of “real” locally grown fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. At a price, but worth it!!

2. Linda Paulson, Vice President of Development for “She Should Run for Office”, expressed their mission: ” Ask a woman to think about running for office and tell her why she’s qualified”. She might not know she’s qualified. Their research shows that women have to be asked to run for office by a trusted source many times to see themselves as qualified candidates. Who knew? Women just don’t get up in the morning, most don’t, and say “I’m awesome and I want to share my awesomeness with the World”. Instead, they wait to be asked?

Do a Mitzvah, (a good deed), if you know someone qualified for Political office notify; “She Should”.@ 1900L Street,NW, D.C. 20036. Empower women to Run and then get in touch with “She Should Run in Action”, providing the resources, tools and motivation to seek public office.

3. One of the four men I met, Joe, no last name?, we met at the Final Bash / Blogher13 Party @ the Presidential suite. He has a Twitter site @thumbsupforwine, a facebook page and an APP (Two Thumbs Up. Thumbs up for Finder) We spoke wine : taste, preference,( smooth full bodied), selection , quality and value for a 1/2 hour while watching the Fireworks over the Navy Pier! Great way to end the conference: Drinking good wine, watching the fireworks and talking about your Passions.

Note: More to say about Blogher13. Keep reading. Not much new news , while the Country is in watchful waiting for Congress’ return.

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