PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What’s happening in our Towns/ thinking Local

1. NY TIMES 8/12/13 Arid Southwest cities’ plea : LOSE THE LAWN. Water is precious in the Southwest. Prompting several States to offer payment as an incentive to homeowners to tear up their lawn. It’s working, but slowly. In Mesa, Arizona 250,000 ft ( 5.6 acres) of residential lawn has been returned to desert scape. Now, if we just could settle on alternative energy, we could pay folks not to burn fossil fuels? We have choices? I hope.

2. NY TIMES 8/12/13 Booksellers turn to Web Donors to keep their Door Open. Crowd sourcing, requests for donations has always worked on grand scales for emergency relief, now folks are willing to pay what they can afford to support whatever or whoever they want to succeed. It’s a great concept and the resources are around to help individuals with non traditional sourcing.

Web sites like Kick Starter and Indiegogo have provided a platform for raising money for creative products. Now everyone can set up a web page, explain why you need the funds , what amount would be helpful, and ask for contributions. Small businesses, who provide a product, have successfully used crowd sourcing, getting by on $15 to $25 contributions. Who says Community is dead? People are making choices for survival.

3. NY TIMES 8/12/13 IOWA SPEECH COULD HINT AT BIDEN RUN. Just what the Country needs, another Political spectacle that saps our attention and our resources. Do you really want to be consumed with 24/7 news on the looming Political contests? They tend to distract us from the important issues; like keeping small business alive, creating jobs, working on our infrastructure, creating a realistic prevailing wage for all, reforming our financial system before it implodes. Why not focus on Community, the attainment of ” the good life”? We have a choice.

4. NY TIMES 8/12/13 Risk of Adult anxiety seen in children’s stomachaches. Children with chronic stomach pains are at high risk for anxiety disorders in adolescence and young adulthood. ” The takeaway message should be ; you should not be afraid , if your Dr. Talks to you about anxiety in your child , or suggests seeking mental health from a professional, it could help your child feel better. Stated by Dr. Van Tilburg an Associate Professor of Medicine @ the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. We have choices.

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