PUBLIC ADVICACY: Blogher13 Experiences

1. The path to Activision followed the evolving thoughts & actions taken by the Blogher “Leaders movement”:  Cheryl Contee of Jack&Jill politics  (@ch3ryl)  stands out as awesome; she’s rated as one of the top 10 Black Blogs!     Cheryl tapped into new opportunities, she looked for the unseen news stories, eschewing  the obvious.  She has used the internet to make activists of us all.  Recently she joined forces with TWiB radio, offering both serious and humorous commentary .


2. Blogging is the beginning of all of our Journey’s .  If you want to change the world, and what woman doesn’t, be that change.  If you desire to make money and who doesn’t need more money, consider the “C” corp or “B ” Corp” route ( a corporation with a social mission) vs becoming a non profit.

Debrox discussed the non profit route in depth but cautioned that becoming a non profit takes 2 years of hard work, mostly paper work, convincing the Federal Government that your intentions are strictly honorable & charitable.  No other business can be conducted during this period because the process is lengthy and all consuming.  Bill Clinton said it took him 1 year to set up CGI, a less influential person, who knows?    That’s when I temporarily ruled out becoming a non profit.  There are occasions when I remain silent.  A few minutes maybe, years, impossible.


For now, I’ll concentrate on the 1st Step of my continuing Journey: A separate Facebook page for thevoiceofjoyce, my 2 cents.  I’ll ask the Professionals, I met for help with my set up.  That’s the greatest take way from Blogher 13, I’m no longer alone, I have followers and new friends. 


I met one of my followers,  Purnima Ramakrishnan from Chennai, India.  She was one of the recipients of the Blogher International Activist Scholarship Award  for 2013.   She writes for the Huffington Post and writes a personal Blog entitled: The Alchemist.  She also contributes to the World Mom’s Blog.   We had an incredible meeting, neither knowing that the other was at the conference.   I heard her Blog mentioned.  Then, during break, we  instinctively walked toward each other and  embraced, knowing instantly that we were meant to meet and share our lives. It was another “awesome moment”.  Unforgettable and powerful, this feeling of love and bonding/something that has only happened with my kids, when we sensed the presence of each other though we were separated by Continents and time. 

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