PUBLIC ADVOCACY: 5 issues to change our lives, A START?

STOP COMPLAINING, STOP WHINING AND DO SOMETHING after 5 yrs we have an Economy we must all agree is right for us. We’re happy with our lot in life. We no longer need anything anymore. Case closed. This is it for America, we are an Nation of inequality and God Damn it we will complain forever to keep it that way.

UNLESS, UNLESS. after all these years of complaining and maintaining the system , we really want to change course?

Think divorce: the anger feeds on itself and keeps the battle going for years, because nobody wants to let go. THINK ABOUT IT, that’s how the lawyers get rich, they will let you fight until, someone gives in, meanwhile their meter is running. Good for them, not so good for the people divorcing or their kids.

Then think about 5 things, that would help improve my life and yours. The action that can be taken now, to put a break on inequality.

1. ELIZABETH WARREN AND JOHN McCain have sponsored a bill to replace Glass Steagall, GLASS STEAGALL for the 21 st Century.
2. Shrood Brown and David Vitter have made an attempt to shine a light on Derivatives and Cap Banks’ Capital requirements
3. Bernie Sanders and Al Franken want to overturn Citizens United/ it takes an Act of Congress, 3/4 of the States must agree.
4. Don’t like Big Corporations and Big money in Government , insist on closing the door to Lobbyists for 7 years at least. The door was closed for 5 years during the Clinton Administration.
5. Limit the terms anyone spends in Congress and make all laws that govern the people, govern all the people including , Congressmen and women.

Until everyone decides they are serious about their own lives, we have chosen!

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