PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Voice of Joyce

The world is a closed system. Yes it is flat ; everyone of us touches another. Why don’t more people get it. There are less then 6 degrees of separation between us. The have nots need to have so they don’t destroy the world for the rest of us.

It’s as simple as that. To preserve ourselves and our way of life we must help others. Otherwise we exist at our own peril. Now that we’ve achieved some technological sophistication, it behooves us to look into our crystal ball and get the endorphins moving have the ah ha moment. We can’t have a planet unless we all hold hands together and sing each others phrase. We are not all bad or all good , but with education we can become better. Better able to control ourselves and legislate ourselves so we eliminate the major obstacles to survival

We are people, we will never eliminate petty problems but we can rise above them. There is always a way. We have choices.

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