PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Who am I? The voice of Joyce

I am a woman, a work in progress, on a journey of self fulfillment, self actualization and because of a unique set of conditions, I am a very positive ACTIVIST FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD.

What do you know about me, or rather what do we all know about me.
1. I speak the truth and have integrity
2. I am passionate about issues and people
3. I love my children and grandchildren
4. I do not always think about myself
5. I find bodily functions an annoyance, they slow me down, but I take care of myself, so that I function at a high level.
6. I don’t prefer routines, but I do have some rituals
7. I like to indulge myself, I love art, culture, clothes, jewelry, though I don’t buy jewelry for myself and due to money constraints I am mindful of my spending and investments.
8. I am a good friend, I know who my friends are and file ” hurts” away. I don’t live in the past nor do I dwell on it.
9. I am passionate, like all people , when I feel positive, I want it all, that includes love. I have ” scruples”, I don’t view another’s husband as fair game. I want my own friend, confidante and lover. I am human.
10. I am many people: kind , outgoing, thinker, conservative, liberal, calm, thoughtful, tolerance for personal pain, no patience if others suffer, mindful, harried when tired, but I don’t make decisions unless I weigh all the options. I don’t read Long treatises unless they are EXTROADINARY and compelling. I come from Science and industry, we define the problem, there is always a sense of urgency, we outline the solutions and determine the time frame to complete and implement the solution.
11. I am a problem solver, strong willed, but I will listen to reason, ultimately I follow my own counsel.
12. I am a passionate believer in the State of Israel, which does not mean that others do not have a right to exist. But Israel is in my heart forever,
13. I do not tolerate injustice and murder. Injustice toward one is injustice toward all
14. I am happy with myself. A woman on a mission, in a hurry to leap into the unknown and the next adventure. I AM THE VOICE OF JOYCE…..

If you, dear reader, have anything to add. Please do not hesitate to comment. You now know as much about me as I do. I’m ready for the next step! THE ENVELOP PLEASE.

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