PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The UN convenes, thoughts on our World

The UN GATHERS IN NYC to   discuss Syria  and Iran primarily, but what about becoming apart of the solutions?

Al Queda is running amok in Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia! Where Al Queda isn’t dominant other groups are killing citizens in Iraq, AFGHANISTAN, and Yemen?When do we rid the World of the terrorists in our midst? No population, anywhere on the Globe deserves death? Let’s see what it takes for the UN or the Arab Union to become engaged?

The answer is not arm more folks ?  Violence is out of control and  people are dying? Who speaks out for the innocent?

Meanwhile, the NY TIMES fuels hatred between the Muslims and Israeli’s by pointing out, the Jews are entering the square of Al Aqsa Mosque? In groups of 60, 90? Why bring attention to this debate when the entire World is being slaughtered? If you are making the news , give us something to think about

and don’t be part of the conversation of Hate?

4. NY TIMES 9/22/13. Thomas FriedmanMother Nature and the Middle Class”. Mr. Friedman has stated that the old hatreds in Iran and Egypt will be minor in comparison to the effect of Mother Nature on the growing populace? Ground water has decreased and a negative water balance is widespread, and nobody is thinking about this? It is no longer, ” après moi le deluge, it is after me the DROUGHT! “. Syria’s revolution came on the heels of the worst drought in it’s modern history, to which the government failed to respond.

However; this is a cautionary tale for the World, too many people and too few resources to sustain us. We can’t be too smug, think Sandy, think Colorado floods, tornadoes, drought. The Natural Disaster list continues to grow as we sit back and do nothing? We do have a choice. Man does have free will?

LOL? In no way am I diminishing the need for dialog or debate on any and all subjects. I just believe there should be proportionality. Murder and Mother Nature trump all discussions, in my humble point of view. The Middle Class in all our Nations need leaders who care about them, now and in the future.


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