PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What’s to think about? Congress? Society? Plenty!

1. Business as usual in Congress. The old shuffle , the old threat of shutting down government . They can’t mean it this time, can they? Tune out and close your eyes and maybe Congressional egregious behavior will disappear like a bad dream? One can hope? a Congress of Adults ?

2. $4 Billion for missile contracts, just in case. $243 Million for more research on tobacco. $5 Billion on farm subsidies used as insurance for those who produce nothing? The coal industry and oil and gas industry continues to be subsidized? Add up the waste and we could fund social programs?

The biggest scam of all, $80 Billion in Bonds , left over from the crash is keeping the market afloat ? The gambling continues and the regulations remain in a holding pattern, because the Bankers can’t stop trading long enough to write rules? No matter , that was Congress’  function and it’s been abrogated?  (9/24/13 FINANCIAL TIMES

. While Congress plays their games and the President wrings his hands; The sequester continues. A million more jobs will be lost? Does anyone care enough to say enough!?

4. LOL as we turn our backs on guns and murder in America. Too much access to automatic weapons for people who are stressed by this recession or Schizophrenia ? Don’t worry , we shoot our citizens because we can , it’s guaranteed by the 2 nd Amendment .

I could retire, sit in the sun, develop a melanoma and stop caring , but I am compelled to speak out: I’m not fearless like Martin Luther King, may he rest in Peace, I can’t afford to venture forth and be non violent, but you dear reader can strike for sanity and values and food and jobs. Take a vacation? Call your creditors and tell them you need a vacation from bills but you will get back to them , give them a date? Then give yourself a rest and spend time with your family and your Community.

After your R&R , Will you still be cowed by the absurdity playing out in Congress or will you develop and support local talent found in every community? Lot’s to think about? We always have a choice.

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