PUBLIC ADVOCACY: All the World’s a stage

I’m not a betting (wo)man, but it looks like World events have been carefully orchestrated.  Maybe for the better?

1. First, Israel has been given a timeline for Peace with the Palestinians. 9 months is the proposed deadline.  Tzipi  LIVNI , has been in this country ardently defending The Two State Solution.   Frankly stating that this is the best solution for Palestinians and Israeli’s.  It’s true, see the link to Livni @ J Street.   Nobody expected the Wall to come down in Berlin either.  But  when Reagan asked Gorbachev:  ” take down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev .”  It happened/the Wall came down to everyone’s relief and disbelief.

So who knows what’s possible when you are persistent and don’t think of “No”  or “never” as an acceptable answer!

Check out this J Street blog post

And  video: a speech by Tzipi Livni/Israeli Justice Minister

2. Next, Iran takes center stage, declaring they want meaningful talks regarding reduction of Sanctions in exchange for dismantling their Plutonium enrichment sites, scheduled talks to take place next month , timetable for negotiations, 3 to 6 months with  a goal toward total nuclear disarmament in 5 years? Do I trust Iran’s sincerity?    We’ll verify, I’m sure?    The devil is in the details?

For more information, check out Financial Times 9/28/13

Iran-US relations: Behind the smiles

3.And finally !   President Obama is pulling these strings.    I only wish we had the total story?   In 3-6 months will Iran be facing their own Arab Spring?  They are currently facing runaway inflation and 28% unemployment, and this can’t be making the general populace happy.   YET, will the people, isolated from the World, believe the government rhetoric and support War and nuclear armaments?  Who knows.

For more info, Financial Times 10/1/13

How things could go right in the Middle East
Will we ever know the real agendas?  As I said, it is a dream and in the words of Shakespeare, “The clouds methought would open and show riches / Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked, / I cried to dream again.”

So while I ask myself and YOU the reader, Does it matter if we know what’s really going on, if Peace is really on the table for the entire region?  Does it matter that I long for transparency if, in the end, the “clouds showing riches” of Middle Eastern Peace in my dreams, turn into realities without my (our!) knowing how it happened.

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