PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Behind the scenes look at Khamenie

Whatever Obama wants he gets/ nothing to sneeze at..A Worthwhile Pursuit!

Peace in the Middle East / has a good ring!

Universal Healthcare and World Peace are desirable. Though it would be nice to have an expansive agenda, something more to help ordinary Americans!   But that’s not on the agenda , now.  Iran is our immediate concern. So, let’s analyze the facts behind the Iranian push for PEACE.

Khamenei rules Iran. Though Western trained, though he loves Victor Hugo and Les Miserables, he has an intense hatred for Israel and the Zionists. As late as 2012 he condemned them. He fears that once he gives up nuclear weapons he will be deposed like Quadafi Or Sadaam Hussein. A man prepared to risk his people for power, until recently. ( Foreign Affaires magazine. Who is Kamenei? The mind of Iran’s Supreme Leader)

According to the article, the plight of ordinary People has become a reason for his change of mind. The sanctions are hurting the Iranians. But, After yrs of saying Iranians are suffering because of the West and Zionism , how does Khamenie reverse course and explain to the people ” prior statements of blame towards the West or Zionists, ” no longer apply”?

I understand the logic but it will take a lot to convince Iranians, unless they are exposed to unlimited internet and re-education.   Overcoming hatred takes generations not months. Meanwhile, we have an Iranian population that may or may not  know about the Nuclear armament program and may or may not support it?

After reading The Financial Times, it appears that Rouhani is a moderate and the right wing may be elected in 2015., if sanctions are not lifted.   So , there really is a small window of opportunity.( FT / Behind the smiles. 9/28/13. ) Trust but verify.

The link below is ” Bibi’s” speech to the UN, as it appeared in the NY Times 10/2/13.

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