PUBLIC ADVOCACY: It’s about diversity in Politics / agree to disagree but ACT

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: The Republicans seem to be the gift that keeps on giving. I thought the Country needed a two week or month’s vacation from the stresses of living? And the Republican Party answered my prayers. Oh, Joy! A time to rest and relax with your family and Community. Just what the Dr. Would have ordered, if he or she thought about it.

So enjoy this vacation. Don’t stress what you can not change. Take your well earned Holiday and break any yoke that binds. Come back to reality refreshed and ready to pursue agendas that benefit you, your family, your Community and your Country.

More thought’s on Politics: It infuriates me when someone ardently stands for his Party right or wrong, without questioning ; are they really doing the right thing for me, my community my Country. It is an honor to serve your Country and no one Party is perfect nor is it evil! Being part of the Political dialog is about issues, you may choose to belong to one Party over another. But instead of following blindly, question your Party leaders, don’t be part of the blame game or the conversation of Hate. Belong to a Political Party because you know they have your best interest at heart. Think about what’s important to your survival , how you would like our Country to look and then vote for someone who represents you. Hey you never know, using free will and choice, may bring us all to a better place.

What do you think? Politics effects all of us. Let’s choose the best representatives for our causes ?

You don’t want one point of view. Diversity is good. How can you learn if everyone thinks the same way you do? The rainbow has many colors and that’s what makes it beautiful.  Long ago, our two Party system worked.  People agreed to disagree but voted on the issues in support of The People of this diverse Nation.

The Left is just as bad as the Right. They are so sure of their amazing goodness that they forget that when they were in Power they never removed the filibuster, the need for a super majority, they contributed to The Financial Crisis of 2008, they gave the Country Dodd Frank, which hasn’t been implemented because the Regulations are too cumbersome to write. they gave us the Affordable Care Act instead of a Universal Single Payer System of Healthcare and they have not developed a meaningful Budget or Finance or Tax reform yet. They are not sponsoring a bill to Repeal Citizens United. Nor are they addressing the joblessness of the Nation. They smugly point fingers as they stand for nothing but themselves.

the Homeless Problem is left to the Communities and Religious Institutions, Congress both Democrats and Republicans turn a blind eye to the State of our Union.

And, last but not least, this Recession is making people ” crazy”, literally: we are no longer implementing sound mental health programs, so tragedies, like the young woman, with post partum depression going through a psychotic episode, are happening daily. No I yearn for the old days when there was diversity of thought in Congress. At this point I ” wish for a pox on both their houses.” Neither has cared about the people and that’s sad.

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