PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What do I think is important for the city of NEW YORK

1. Keep Mr Kelly he has the understanding and knowledge of the City’s inner working. Any program that proves unpopular with the people, modify and augment Give the people a chance to be involved with the safety of their community. Never compromise the safety of the City and it’s inhabitants,
2. Determine how we can keep our City safe and maintain a civilian command post for tracking The Mta, City street lights and garbage trucks, etc. All services should be tracked. Put IBM back in business.
3. Improve our Educational system, maintain and improve upon school programs that work. Engage the Community in their child’s education. A new Chancellor is needed with vision to improve our schools. Whatever works should be maintained and replicated.
4. Encourage diversity of thought, ideas and economics in this City. We are not looking for wealth distribution we are looking to increase the quality of life for everyone. All systems can be improved upon and made less wasteful
5. Encourage business opportunities within the City. Top, middle and bottom Teach our housing project residents new skill sets required to maintain their buildings structure. I am not for warehousing people. I am for productivity at all levels.
6. Consider the outer boroughs when making decisions. Certainly continue Super storm preparedness. It may not happen this year but it will happen again. The utilities have to agree to upgrade their systems with a known plan. All grants to be public knowledge.
7. Maintain a vision of the City for years to come. As we move toward maintaining our subways and providing safe clean transportation for all. We want to see real City planning and neighborhood development. The UWS has improved beyond my dreams in 18 years. We are a community that has art, business and civilization. We could have more supermarkets, but that’s grousing.
8.Encourage the incubators for new ideas and processes. Make the regulations pragmatic. Not onerous for no reason. We want business to succeed . We don’t want the process overwhelming the actual work planned.

9. In all aspects of the City, be pragmatic. We can’t think left or right. We must think about what works for a City of our size and international reputation. We want to encourage tourism. We want to support The Arts. They are the City’s treasure along with our other assets. Our civilization makes NYC a magnate for the World. Treasure our City and make it better.
10. The City is a living breathing entity. I used to hear it hum and I was content. I felt the beat of the City and I was content. We have never returned to those pre 9/11 days. We will never forget but we have to move forward and progress.
11. Like business if you don’t grow , the business dies. We have to constantly be vigilant and improve our infrastructure to support our population and the transient tourist population.
12. Support our Universities and our kids. We need to educate and mold the leaders of tomorrow. Nothing comes from hope or denial. Hard work together makes a City.
13. We used to have” blue sky” suggestion boxes at all of our facilities at FORD. The Ford committee looked at and evaluated every new idea. Some were implemented and the conceived of the idea was rewarded. Encourage original thought that benefits the City and our way of life.
14 no institution is sacred, we are a City of people and we serve the people. It is the job of government to be mindful of the people. They are the Customers government serves.

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