PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Let’s work together to fix our Society

This isn’t about me it!’s about us.
My life is bound to all of yours. I am one of you. As surely as I became part of the sisterhood, I identified with the us, my fellow Americans. I have no shame stealing from the principles of the Right or the Left. I remember what they both stood for, while they have forgotten.

I want it all! The right to vote for a ” decent intelligent” candidate, the right to shape my own government’s budget, the right to choose what’s important for our existence in these United States. The best of all possible World’s in a world that is daily betraying it’s citizens. Thomas Friedman, coined the phrase, The World is Flat. And I agree. We think locally but our actions effect the Globe. We live in a closed system, that is precious and perishable.

One man or woman can’t stop the rising tide of self interest and the dialog of hate. We should all agree to love thy neighbor as thy self. But first we should heal ourselves. Otherwise all our overtures are for naught. I know, you can’t really love another until you cherish and nurture yourself. But it’s doable. We have the power to choose a righteous path. It’s not easy. It’s hard , but hard work is good for the spirit and the soul.

I met a Chinese taxi driver , who said he was glad his children were growing up in hard times. He didn’t want them to take life and work and love or anything for granted. And he’s right, nothing worthwhile was ever easy, it took relentless hard work.

Our Civilization is worth preserving. Our right to see beautiful places, surround our selves with beautiful things, show our children and grandchildren what we have learned, listen to the music , smell the roses , embrace life. There is nothing better for me then to work at what I love and to live life to the fullest. My favorite quote, ” living well is the best revenge”.

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