PUBLIC ADVOCACY: additional thoughts on the ” two ” State Solution/Room for debate

As I lay quietly, watching the first snow fall of winter in NYC my mind drifts back to Jerusalem, that magical city, home to all the three great religions and civilizations. As I previously thought not as Peaceful as the upper west side , fraught with angst of possession , as all the World watches the drama between East and West. Yet these monuments are nothing compared to the people living there, praying there and trying to earn a living and give meaning to their lives. These people , who live amongst the monuments are to be sanctified, because they too seek solace in and around the Temples. They are human and being so, accords them monumental status.

What’s to be done to alleviate the human condition on the ground for both the Israeli’s and the Palestinians. To my knowledge, the Arabs settled on the Eastern part of Jerusalem are considered Israeli’s. They attend Israeli schools and Universities. The West Bank; ” the occupied territories” , are the one’s in dispute.

Israel has been talking about land swaps and demilitarized zones, while the PLO can’t decide how much land they want, how they will provide work and sustenance for their people or how many people will return to this section of land? There should be a better solution. 65% of the people , Israeli’s and Palestinians want Peace. The Jews, Druze and Arabs lived and worked and some married together before Israel became a State and options for marriage partners was limited. So there is a precedent for harmony prior to WWl. Fast forward to the 21 st century and it’s continued tensions.

It seems, with a small Country, the size of Israel, the proposed borders beyond the green line are not enough. It makes for a ” messy” solution. What about giving the Palestinians the option to stay and work in Israel become a part of the Larger State that would stretch to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea . The remainder of the population, not willing to live in Peace, pay them to resettle in the countries of their ancestors. Let them go in Peace.

Effectively, you have one state with Arabs who are content to work in a more secular way. Co existing with Israeli’s , both people more interested in self improvement then a separate identity. Could this work? There is room for debate and the time is now. Please, take part in this conversation and let me know what you think? Our lives depend upon your honest engagement.

Otherwise, we are back to messy land swaps and arguing over which settlements are to stay within the greater State of Israel. Honestly, I personally prefer this solution, think, the ” United States of Israel ” and the right of return to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey? Trying to create boundaries within a territory that is too small has myriad problems. The one state solution solves those problems.

Then the GAZANS can determine their destiny . Do they want separate statehood or do they want to renounce violence and live in Peace in the area as before? I know many Israeli’s within the Southern Territories would be happy to live with the GAZANS in Peace.. Trauma has overtaken all the people in Israel.

Generations of trauma exists. There has never been a time for understanding and healing. How many more generations have to grow up with PTSD or living with hatred of the other for reasons which have long been forgotten. Both sides have suffered intense trauma, Israel was developed out of War and trauma; 65 yrs later, 3 generations down the road, isn’t it time to let healing begin and let Peace , love and human dignity inhabit an area that has known too much hatred and destruction?

Give the kids a chance to grow up in ” normalized ” conditions? Get on with your lives and enter the 21 st century? We have choices.

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8 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: additional thoughts on the ” two ” State Solution/Room for debate

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