PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Haredim are ostracized ?

The Haredim are ostracized because they build their settlements. What violence are they collectively committing? The NEW YORK TIMES, reported last month that they have cut down 211 olive trees, you would gasp, unless you read on and learned there are 8 million trees under Arab/ Palestinian family control. What’s the damage? Why the outrage?

Or we read that Palestinians are part of the food insecure. That is a tragedy that should most certainly be addressed. Food is cheaper on the West Bank then in Israel, why should this be a part of the Palestinian condition? Where are their leaders?

Instead of fighting, determine how many of both groups would live in Peace. Ariel, for all the talk of it’s being up for land swap negotiation, is the largest West Bank Jewish settlement and they intend to build Israel’s 7 th University. Wouldn’t it be better to open it’s doors for the education of all in the region?

In America , with the founding of our great Nation, we were always searching for our true boundaries. We purchased or fought for our land, until we had workable borders, from sea to shiny sea. Makes sense to me. We weren’t always honorable in our dealings for land and expansion. When Andrew Jackson claimed Texas , he sent Sam Houston to purchase Texas from Mexico for $4 Million . If the venture was not successful , Jackson told Houston to fight for the territory, without Jackson’s acknowledged support. That’s how we acquired property.

Now 200 years later, Americans are acting as intermediaries in the Israel/ Palestinian Peace Talks. Perhaps it is time for another outlook? Another reasonable choice for self determination ?

As always, this is my 2 cents, and all comments are welcome . Wishing everyone only the best!

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