PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Preliminary thoughts on War and Peace in the Middle East

The more I study human nature. The more disheartening it is.

For instance Iran. We had the opportunity to work with them when they had 190 centrifuges and weren’t a nuclear threat? This was in 2005 but we chose not to. Then, in 2008 the Iranians approached us again, but Obama was busy with TARP. . The centrifuges numbered 5000 then and now they are 19000 and we’re making an interim deal.

We are making our interim deal now because this game of chicken has gone far enough; it is a lose lose for the Iranian people and the world. Why is it so hard to be proactive rather then re active? Why do we only respond to events when the situation is intolerable? Where is our ability to think and reason. ? Why is it so difficult to look beyond the moment and plan for the future? What happened to enlightened self interest and our concern for preserving our Planet?

Actually , it took Bibi reaching hysterical proportions to convince Obama to act. It was either Iran got the bomb or Israel bombed Iran. A no win situation. Better to ask why did Iran choose this path for International recognition? What motivated them to become a ” rogue” nation? Then think what must we do as stewards of our Planet to prevent these aberrant conditions? Man has better things to do then wage war.

Truly War is a force that defines us but it doesn’t have to?

We expect BIBI to be more pragmatic then we are; Less human more humane. He has spent his entire existence defending Israel’s right to survive. War has become a way of life for Israel. However; BIBI eventually will make Peace with the Palestinians because he must.
Just as relationships are defined by two people. So are Nations. There are two sides and the third way. Finding the solution is the hard part but it can be done. Our lives and the quality of our lives depend upon it. .

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