PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Morning in America/ Text

Hi: I wanted to introduce you to the Joyce behind the voice of Joyce
I exist. I”‘m passionate about finance , politics , our world. , My kids and my grandchildren .

I am a real person with real desires. One of them is finding the solutions to reinstating the Middle class. I hope to teach kindness and mindfulness in our society , to better appreciate the beauty of our fellow man and the beauty that surrounds us.

Look around you. I say , ” sweat the little stuff “, but join in to solve the big picture. The little stuff is unimportant. Our world matters, our kids and grandchildren matter,. We want, what our parents wanted for us, a better day in America. A better life for our family.

Wake up my dear readers . It’s morning in America, smell the roses and listen to the clarion call of Chris Botti on the horn!

More posts to follow as I revisit my archives and collate those posts , along with new ideas to chart the way to our new day. All the best Joyce

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