PUBLIC ADVOCACY: living life, one step at a time

Life is all about seizing the moment. There may be single highlights during our time here on Earth. But basically it’s the everyday stuff that propels us forward.

The routines like getting up in the morning and for me, the mind dump. Writing whatever comes to mind without editing. It’s a great surprise. Sometimes my best writing merely happens.

That’s what makes life worth living. Nothing really is so dramatic as do or die. You just put one foot down and begin your journey, it’s ok to think where it will take you, but it’s not essential. One foot down, boots on the ground and start. If you never start, nothing will ever happen. The key to living is to live.

If you can make a difference all the better . I proselytize, not about religion but about what we can do as a Nation to move forward and re-instate The Middle Class.    When it comes to the sanctity of lives I am fierce and have no more tolerance for talk unless it is followed by some positive action. Anything, one small gesture to help a fellow human being. For me it’s not enough to educate, I must bring everyone to the same place at the same time. Awareness of our human condition and the knowledge that we have choices and our voice counts.

The next posts may be about compassion for ourselves, cutting ourselves some slack, so we may be better able to see the big picture and really be a help to others. We do what we can do. Feeling our way, as if we are studying a new language, because we are. We are in training to try something new. Seizing the day, one day of many on our march to regaining our inalienable rights. We may have abrogated those rights temporarily but they are not lost, they are waiting for us to write the wrongs and move on. We’re bound to make errors, but if we care, we’ll tweak the system and get it right in our own good time.

We just can’t wait too much longer. People are falling into poverty daily. It’s up to us us to prevent that fall and worst case help them when they hit the ground. This is not an OMG moment. This is a “how can I help someone from hitting bottom”, moment.   Let’s be sensible, it’s not rocket science.

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