PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A “Snarky “. assessment of national and local choices for “those in need”?

You can’t make this stuff up: it’s good to ” have friends in high places, they are called ” friends with Benefits”.

Obama gives California drought relief after the Bipartisan Bill passed giving farmers Trillions.

He stays in Palm Springs where the grass is lush and the folks use about 735 gallons of water a day. To understand this waste , think Israel . They are both deserts and Israeli’s use about 150 liters per day.

It looks like there are 2 Americas. One with plenty of water to waste and the other with no water for food.

We know there are two NYC ‘s one where the minimum wage is contentious and other where Billionaire investors, set up family offices paying Millions in Salaries. I shouldn’t knock the concept,  we all need help with our finances and budgets.

Then look at DeBlasio’s scheme to help the poor? Wait for affordable housing ; 5-25 yrs. ? They might die of starvation before those houses come to market. Meanwhile , we could be lifting those in the projects out of poverty by training them to make repairs in their Communities, using Union Labor for the skilled training. But why bother, they’re not dead yet. Let them suffer and we can forget about them. If another storm hits, ” Out of sight , out of mind.” Just like the Mole people.

Looks like we’re still in the OMG stage , instead of LOL or YOLO!

Speaking about. LOL, Obama is allowing Comcast to buy Time Warner and control 30% of the cable and broadband industries. Guess we just like to limit media content while increasing pricing for Americans. As an added benefit, it may be easier to keep track of everyone , if they’re watching American Idol on all 600 channels. ( my apologies to American Idol, but I hope my dear Readers, get the point). Why mess around with 30%, give them the whole country and we’ll have state supervised media?

Taking a giant step backwards. Teddy Roosevelt would have thought these entities were monopolies and have fought to break them up. Not Obama , he’s into, Big Business and surveillance. Is this what you call ” friends with benefits”? It’s Entertainment.

You can’t make this stuff up!

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