PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Israel and the Pursuit of Peace haunt my Dreams? A grand idea to move US forward

My Grandson & I touring Israel 2011
My Grandson & I touring Israel 2011

I Can’t get Israel out of my mind. All I think about is the peace process. A grand idea to move US FORWARD. One state vs two ? And any role that Jordanians  might play? OR THE POPE (he’s volunteered)?

I understand the personalities, having lived with drama all my life. I understand BiBi. He was the person I saw,  when I “think” Israel. He was one of my a Icons, but not like Ben Gurion, Golda,  or Mosha Dayan. My memories go back to the beginning. Though I was a little girl, I remember , my family’s commitment to the State of Israel was absolute. PAPPA wanted desperately to fight for independence. But,  he couldn’t leave our family. Always,  his sense of obligation led him to do the right thing for others , but not necessarily for himself.

That’s me. I try to do the next right thing. I love people and writing and thinking, learning, listening and educating , but I hunger for more!

I care deeply about the State of Israel and it’s survival. I know the Israeli’s are tired of War. What I don’t know is how the Palestinians feel?   The ADL published an analysis of anti- semitism, and I wonder, was it biased? The Palestinians are described as being 92% anti Semitic . Is this a true accounting of Israel’s closest neighbors? What type of Peace is possible with this intensity of mistrust, hatred and the ability and desire for violence? Who can lead  the Palestinian’s  to accept Peace rather then War”?  What is their ( Palestinian’s ) purpose in holding Palestinian refugees in Camps for 60+yrs?  Why create an atmosphere of hate , if the end result is Peace with Israel?   How will Palestinian  lives improve under Peace?

People who fear they  have much to lose by the status quo should be shown the promise of a new day. There has to be positives presented so all can behold the benefits of Peace. The hatreds and the weapons should be turned to” plow shares”  for a real peace to overtake the region. I believe in win win. What will satisfy the majority of People? What will turn their attention away from hate and fear toward peace?

The personalities are not the problem, the road block to Peace is rooted in the history of the People involved: the War’s, the poverty , the camps, the traumas, the PTSD ,  along with fear, mistrust;  the list of negatives fills a Megillah (a long involved story) The status quo remains, though the list of negatives is a burden, the baggage of hatred and the armed conflicts terrorize all who think and feel and want to be human. Still , for the People involved on both sides, the status quo is preferable to moving forward.

It is easy for those removed from the conflict to know that moving forward is the only solution. Let’s not be smug, Our World has to move forward in many directions. The status quo is no longer acceptable,not here in America, not in Israel, not anywhere. We owe all People a better way of life. This is the 21 st Century, it is time for us to transition out of Barbarism and seek a better life for everyone!

My solution! My 2 cents! If there is a Palestinian, who cares about his people more then he cares about Power, war and posturing, he is the person to be included in the talks. If both sides are willing to talk Peace and the evidence says yes, despite their posturing, then it is time to press for a deal.

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