PUBLIC ADVOCACY: just some thoughts when I can’t sleep!

This is what I think about, before I write my Posts.  My journey is our journey.  Enjoy!


The  Economist did not dwell on those aspects of Shadow Banking of concern. When I think Shadow Bank, I don’t think Kick Starter or peer to peer lending. I think, unregulated Hedge Funds, derivative trades, fast trades, mortgage backed securities, pay day lenders and Bitcoins. Not Peer to Peer lending platforms set up by the People for the People. Unless, as The Financial Times states, 60% of peer to peer lending has been infiltrated by the Banks.  Since they are unregulated ,  in the event they take a “hit”, who suffers?  If their shareholders and upper management suffer, that’s OK with me.   As long as their risky mistakes don’t backfire on the people once again. The full story: The Financial Times
Peer to Peer Lending


I just had another thought early in the morning:    “C” corporations were established to protect the shareholders and employees of the Corporation.  Now, under Citizen United,   Corporations are People.   What person  is responsible for dispensing Corporate  Campaign Contributions?   When they do so, have they breached the Corporate veil? Can they be prosecuted independent of the Corporation ?  Can they make Campaign Contributions and not pay taxes?  Who or what entity is responsible for those taxes?  I think Citizens United raises questions about the sanctity of the Corporation? What do you think?

Just another ” thought out of the box” , as the Billionaire Titans battle each other for supremacy at the Polls;   I think , colossal waste of money. While people are going hungry and Congress remains at a standstill , campaigns shouldn’t receive money from  Billionaires or small investors. What have  ” our Representative”  done to deserve this largesse?

The pity is $1 billion dollars funds 1 million people at $10,000 each by  out right grants. ( I did the Math. ) Therefore,  I urge all Billionaires and the top .1% to Adopt a 99% person! Get their photo and just give the money away. It will serve a better purpose then funding Congressional races. At least some person or persons will actually benefit from this type of grant. Leave out the middleman and give the money to We the people, for the support of We the People. Imagine what a Trillion Dollars would fund. I know funding Congressional races, hiding dark money, bribing Congressmen is more exciting, but if you have nothing better to do with your money this is the way to go!

LOL POLICE COMMISSIONER Bratton says, we don’t need a 1000 more Police on the ground, we need drones. Our people have never recovered from  9/11, imagine how we’ll feel with ” drones” flying over us, manned to kill. Beats human to human contact, forget due process, forget privacy, hello Police State and, so sorry for the Collateral damage. They’re thinking in the box, yours and mine.


Politics effects us. Time to fight back and let our voices be heard?
We want  “Christmas” NOW!  a win win!

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