PUBLIC ADVOCACY: what infuriates me?

From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14
From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

What infuriates me?

When I hear “Icons ”  exposing bad policy, that makes me mad!   It really doesn’t matter which part of the Political divide our Senators or Representatives sit, their  Policy should be based upon “what’s good for our Nation”.  The  NY Times Oped page states, Charles Schumer supports bad policy, that’s bad for Americans.   One has to ask, WHY?  Why is he
supporting The Time Warner/ Comcast deal and  privatization of tax collection?    What’s to be gained by espousing these policies?

Or I keep reading about the brouhaha over Piketty”s book which was funded by the University of Texas. No one seems to genuinely understand Capitalism or why we have this State of Inequality? Are they kidding? Have they drunk their own cool aide? Inequality exists because we have skewed the entire tax and monetary structure of this Country to favor the ” rent seeking” 1% over the ” work for a living , Middle Class.


Surprise , surprise ! When you defund the poor, tax and burden the Middle Class with too much debt, stifle upward mobility , you get a “2 CLASS SOCIETY” .  Like The Emperor’s new clothes, the upper classes don’t  have a clue that they are naked and exposed.   Sure,  they prefer the Status Quo ,  it is skewed in their favor!  It’s also hard to believe, they don’t  have a clue about what to do next?

When I was at my Grand son’s track meet, I met two guys from Corporate America, one  concerned about his future and the future of his Corporation, which he thought was dead in the water, no new products and in a preparing for Bankruptcy mode? ( Which doesn’t compute with the profits they’ve made?)  The other Corporate employee, was Head of HR and when I asked how his job was going, meaning “is it stressful “? , “are you concerned about laying off more people”?  He stated, “his only concern was handling employees who didn’t follow the rules” ?  His follow up statement says it all;   he stated contemptuously, ” there were too many employees like that in the workforce. ”  He was happy to control those remaining in “his”  Corporation and truly angry that I asked him any questions.

So the divide exists, the useful productive individual afraid for his future and this arrogant ” representative of  Corporate management ” disturbed that people weren’t adjusting to the new reality of harsh unfriendly working conditions.

Excessive demands are leading to burnout everywhere.


Follow my next post, showing the extent of the effects of rigging the system in favor of Inequality. It is a lose lose ” for we the people for the People” and a lose lose for America.

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