TheVoiceOfJoyce The analysis: Fight Corporate greed and not working class people. Personal borrowing to purchase goods has increased. The consumer can’t fight monopolies. The Federal Government can put pressure on monopolies by promising a windfall tax on excess profits. Big oil and gas, have made record profits, they’re not investing, they’re giving shareholder buybacks. Why encourage their behavior, lower pricing at the pump by removing Subsidies and instituting a Windfall tax, for Corporations making huge profits, while passing on high costs to consumers ! Why should the 80% experiencing inflation, suffer from Corporate Greed? Give working people a chance to survive and thrive.

TheVoiceOfJoyce One Climate Crisis after another as the World’s people, ecosystems and existing power grids fail to adjust to triple digit temperatures. China is experiencing Blackouts, their antiquated Coal Production, cannot keep up with electrical demands. Their problems, and everyone else’s have been exacerbated by the Ukrainian War! China hasn’t learned that Solar and Wind turbines can integrate with existing coal mine infrastructure and integrate into their grid with more and cheaper power. Meanwhile, Yosemite is burning and the Redwoods are in danger. The Swiss Italian border has shifted in the Alps and this is the beginning of Climate Catastrophes. Our planet has only warmed 1.1 Degree Celsius. Our CO2 Emissions are equivalent to 252 million years ago and Biden doesn’t think we have a Climate Emergency? The entire Globe should recognize a Climate Emergency and act to stop all Wars immediately. It’s in our collective best interests to stop Wars to mitigate Climate Changes and their negative effects on life on Earth. When do we become intelligent people and act to save our lives? All lives?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce I’m not surprised the Red Cross is refusing to pay their workers a fair wage, grant a new Union Contract, they’re a mean spirited profit driven group. The American Workers refuses to be abused and now walks off jobs that fails to pay and staff workers according to the consumers need. They’re won’t be resignations, when employers honor Union Contracts, have adequate staffing and pay and benefits.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce We will need many misinformation Sheriffs. Climate Denial has now been integrated with other distractions & issues. Using code words to describe those interested in saving our World , elites?, what about pragmatic? They’re shifting the conversation on Social Media platforms to culture wars and a woman right to choose ? If you look back to 1971 and the Powell Doctrine, this makes sense. It’s all part of the same ideology, promote business at all costs, because “We the People “, don’t matter. Think again, We the People are empowered! Regulate Social Media Platforms and get ahead of their disinformation machine

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Unemployment may be low statistically, I question the #’s, and employees are still underpaid and unable to cope with inflation. The War in Ukraine didn’t cause our problems, Corporate greed is directly to blame. Change the NLRB Labor Laws to promote labor and employees won’t have to rely on Corporate largesse. Many industries need Union clout to increase wages and benefits. The Food pantries are overwhelmed. When is labor paid a living wage? When will they be compensated for their loyalty? When are they treated with respect and dignity? Capitalism before the 1980’s was not as cruel! There has been a systematic overturning of Labor’s Rights.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Forest fires out of control consuming the West. What will happen to our food supply in conditions of extreme drought? If US gears up supplying oil & gas to the World, we hasten our own demise. It would be better to increase Solar Energy, which is at 10% and switch farming back to the south. Remember, Fossil Fuels reliance andBig Agra contributed to CO2 and methane emissions that heat our land. We have to we ourselves off our addiction to Fossil Fuels and increase renewable energy.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Recognition that a lack of competition is driving up prices and hurting the most vulnerable among us! We need anti trust regulations and competition in the Market place to drive down prices. Especially , Now, with interest rates rising, Personal debt will soar. AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Amazon set to see unionization in NYC at their JFK 8 facility on Staten Island as in person voting continues. The Alabama site is still in question, since ballots were posted and 416 remain to be counted. Amazon employees work had to provide customer service. They deserve Union Wages. In fact, to … More

TheVoiceOfJoyce Amazon workers Gig workers all deserve the benefits of employee status. Only Fundamental Change at the NLRB will create the Legislation necessary to provide rights to organize, right to bargain collectively, rights to participate in the Supervision & layout of the workplace and rights to be on Corporate Boards. All these Rights existed prior to the Bush administration and the appointment of Elaine Chow, Mitch McConnell’s wife , to the Dept of Labor. She was responsible for gutting FDR’s rules and replacing them with Laws favoring Corporate Power and greed. Now is the time to offer a Clean Slate for Workers . Corporations talk about ESG’s. Sounds nice, but they’re not implemented. Labor needs an increase in wages, a minimum wage & benefits. If they get a raise, productivity will increase and prices will go down. It’s a win win for the Economy!

TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday’s Ageda, Episode #81 “Dirty Tricks”

There is one Political Party! The GOP is taking their marching orders from the Heritage Foundation. There’s no Bipartisanship, Manchin found that out when he approached his GOP opposite and was told his S1 compromise was not debatable. DEMS must pass S1 ASAP! They’re a legitimate Political Party, capable of making Laws. My advice, do … More TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday’s Ageda, Episode #81 “Dirty Tricks”