TheVoiceOfJoyce Amazon workers Gig workers all deserve the benefits of employee status. Only Fundamental Change at the NLRB will create the Legislation necessary to provide rights to organize, right to bargain collectively, rights to participate in the Supervision & layout of the workplace and rights to be on Corporate Boards. All these Rights existed prior to the Bush administration and the appointment of Elaine Chow, Mitch McConnell’s wife , to the Dept of Labor. She was responsible for gutting FDR’s rules and replacing them with Laws favoring Corporate Power and greed. Now is the time to offer a Clean Slate for Workers . Corporations talk about ESG’s. Sounds nice, but they’re not implemented. Labor needs an increase in wages, a minimum wage & benefits. If they get a raise, productivity will increase and prices will go down. It’s a win win for the Economy!

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There is one Political Party! The GOP is taking their marching orders from the Heritage Foundation. There’s no Bipartisanship, Manchin found that out when he approached his GOP opposite and was told his S1 compromise was not debatable. DEMS must pass S1 ASAP! They’re a legitimate Political Party, capable of making Laws. My advice, do … More TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube Tuesday’s Ageda, Episode #81 “Dirty Tricks”

TheVoiceOfJoyce Why does disinformation stick & the truth about our Economy is a mystery? No mystery! There are temporary supply chain problems & inflation which will ease as wages increase. Economic conditions will improve when Both new Stimulus Bills are passed by Congress. Along with increased bargaining power for employees and less outsourcing. Give Americans a chance to work at well paying jobs. Empower them to sit on Corporateovetsite Boards, give them stock options & paid leave. They’ll return to a safe work space once they’re Vaccinated and their kids are provided childcare & pre K and an alleviation of family student debt. Give the Lower & Middle Classes equal opportunity and we’ll outpace inflation. The supply chains will catch up!

TheVoiceOfJoyce A scholarly paper explains Economic Policy choices created a 2 class system of income inequality. The college educated & those without College are equally disadvantaged. Why? The weakening of the NLRB , the right to organize, the right to leave your job & find another higher paying wage? These laws have been supplanted by Corporate rewards for employers seeking cheap International labor. The lack of negotiating power & the deliberate policies that keep workers poor are causing a depression of wages. The For the Families Act will help Americans. Fundamental Change of the NLRB, a Clean Slate for Workers, a $15/hr min wage , all help towards upward mobility. This mobility as been stifled for all of the Lower & Middle Classes.

TheVoiceOfJoyce When remembering FDR, remember he ask to include all people in the New Deal. He wanted to help the majority and he wouldn’t stop till they got what they needed. The WPA provided jobs for 15% of the population. He upheld Democracy, flawed as it was , as the best system of government. He developed the NLRB to to create Labor Laws that gave labor higher wages & bargaining power till they were progressively weakened under Reagan & Bush. We need those Laws today. Fundamental change!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Australia’s continuing weather saga, all because Fossil Fuel Corporations hid the truth from us. They knew their fuels were toxic to the environment 50 yrs ago and refused to acknowledge the onslaught ofpollutants, weather extremes and suffering many would feel. Loss of our homes, sickness, disease, loss of food supplies. Our lives worsened as they perpetuated their lies. We’re paying for using fossil fuels now. As our weather extremes continue, we’re personally undergoing other changes, infertility, deformities and eventually, we’ll be like the People in the movie “ Children of Men”. A world with no new births in 18 years. Dystopian future? It’s here. Acknowledge the fact and go sustainable energy. It’s never too late to change.

TheVoiceOfJoyce There are at least 3.5 million long term unemployed. They’re excluded by a computer. They’re, too, exact & they have age bias , education bias & others. Since, No human reviews their resume, many never get a job and they’re not eligible for unemployment benefits either.Does anyone care how or if they survive? Why are they unseen in our Society? I know several skilled people in IT, Construction , that haven’t gotten a job in years. When will the Federal government recognize we have a pervasive problem and folks are suffering from mental health problems caused by their situation

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Donald Trump is a Lame Duck President. He will be remembered as a Merchant of Death:  Over 60,000 a day infected, 220,000 + deaths(10/20/20). There is no herd Immunity. There is a “Fake study”. The Great Barrington Report, sponsored by The American Enterprise Institute, representing Fossil Fuels & Phillip Morris (The Merchants of Death) is … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #51 Post Trump Solutions:

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce TrumpsGOP is not pro people, they’re pro Big business & Big businesses got 3/4 of last stimulus Bill. Reality: People, need a Social Safety net, unemployment insurance, a Basic Luving wave for those who have been without work, additions to Medicare & Medicaid, child care funding extra cash for support. I support a Basic Living Wage during Covid Time, until you curtail the outbreak with a simple cheap in home daily test with results in 15 min A game changer for schools & businesses Why wait for the vaccine?

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Must Read: understanding the GOP mindset, small government, business as usual. Millions are suffering & dying , yet the GOP is against Government largesse for “we the People “. Money is available for the Corporations, the Ultra wealthy, just not for us?