PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Israel’s concern about ” our” agreement 7/20/14 with Iran

Israel’s dilemma may be everyone’s problem. On 7/20/14, the USA is supposed to sign off on agreement with Iran :  Iran’s self imposed deadline.  The terms of this agreement are very important to the well being of Israel and the World.

What do we know:

Iran has supplied Hezbollah with rockets in Lebanon. Two rockets recently targeted Northern Israel from Southern Lebanon, it was presumed Hezbollah launched these rockets but this has not been confirmed.

Iran has been aiding Assad in Syria and continues to aid the Syrian government.  Syria manufactured the mid range M302 rockets purchased by Hamas and transported to Gaza through Iran.

Iran has recently befriended Iraq creating a militant Shiite group to combat the militant Sunni group that recently developed in response , we presume, to an Iraqi government that alienated moderate Sunni’s.

Throughout all this turmoil in the Middle East we see the hand of Iran stirring the Political ” pots”.   Since they are not a benevolent State,  imagine an Iran with nuclear capabilities.    Would the region or the world be safe?

The deadline for the next phase of negotiations is 7/20/14. Let’s hope the USA and the rest of the world says no to increased Iranian power.

Iranian  nuclear facility?
Iranian nuclear facility?



We have a voice and a choice, when Politics effects Us!

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