PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An analysis of Hamas and their allies and supporters

Wake up World, Israel is fighting your battle. Isn’t it time we had a real Peacemaker and Peacekeeping force in our World. This Israeli Gaza conflict is not about occupation, Israel has been out of Gaza since 2005. It is not about lifting a Blockade, since enough materials and food and building supplies has passed through the borders of Gaza to create an entire fortified city underground: Food, shelter, water, electric and weapons of mass destruction, all for the Hamas military and their allies. Those supplies should have gone to the local populace living above the fortified city, protecting the weapons and murderers. The people of Gaza are dispensable , ” human shields”, willingly or not. So much for the Human condition living in Gaza. You may wonder who are they dying for? Let me explain the Geopolitics of this area dear reader and you decide, whether Israel’s War is just and whether the World should take part in establishing a genuine Peace for Israel and her neighbors ? And perhaps, the World should be outraged over Civilian Human Shields , rather then condemn Israel? I urge you to put the blame where it belongs on Hamas and their powerful allies?

Consider the following analysis by Caroline Glick, a journalist for the Jerusalem Post, and 2 Web based news papers, Vocativ and Honest Reporting, confirming that Hamas does in fact use the People of Gaza as human shields. Further, they explain the funding and the alliances of Hamas and their allies. As the head of Hamas ,Khaled Mashaai , is thought to be funded by Qatar personally and maybe the beneficiary of $ 250 million . This raises the question, did he personally become wealthy, while the people of Gaza starve and enjoy 47% unemployment. Additionally, Qatar and Doha have given Hamas allegedly a $Billion and they continue to support Hamas and their allies, separately and together. Hamas may also receive $100 million a yr from Qatar ; this is ongoing. None of these amounts can be 100%’corroborated, since Hamas and their allies are not subject to an audit. I’m not sure who has checked their books lately, are you?

State sponsorship of Terror is occurring whether we choose to acknowledge the facts or not! Perhaps, a further review of these State’s involvement in Terror organizational support, will help you form your own conclusions?

Let’s review the State sponsorship and Alliances
1. Qatar and Turkey are State sponsors of: The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS along with Al Nusra
2. Hamas is aligned with The Muslim Brotherhood , Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah , Al Queda and ISIS
3. Qatar sponsors a web of terror across the Middle East by sponsoring ISIS in Lbya, Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile , Qatar plays many roles as it tries to appear moderate by owning the media company Al Jazeera & claiming Al Jazeera is ” fair and balanced ” . Though unequal media time is given to the coverage of ” children” being injured and hospitals and mosques being destroyed. These photos are rarely presented with the back story of why they are in harms way. Nor is the terror the Israelis face everyday presented fairly. Only one position is taken consistently by the UN , war crimes against Israel for protecting their people . Though, Israel has a second job, because of the attraction of extremists groups to Gaza, Israel is also protecting US.

With the mobility of these groups in the region and their enormous monetary and State support , I don’t believe the civilized World can be impartial by standers. These guys have the ability to join other mercenaries and terrorize and murder others, that’s what they do? Don’t be surprised. Remember that funny sophisticated thriller, Pulp Fiction, the killers were perfectly normal folks, unless they were performing a “hit”. The NY Times reported yesterday that some Syrians are learning to live with the order imposed by ISIS, until a minor infraction by some person, causes that government to chop off your hand or your head! But, hey, they’ve got order. The Nazi’s imposed order, too! Do we think we’d like to return to that type of regime?

All Sunni nations ; Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are threatened by these terrorist groups. ( and now Norway fears ISIS , since some of Norway’s citizens have become radicalized: mercenaries travel, they’re mobile. They don’t need stuff, only a weapon!). As you can see from the alliances of these extremists, I prefer to call them murderers, are drawn together not by a single ideology but by their desire to destroy Jews and the State of Israel and the moderate Sunni Nations and whoever else is in their way. The goal of Hamas and their allies is clear, they want to conquer the remaining Arab world and destroy civilization as we know it. This is a power play by Hamas, one they cannot win. There is no Peace with them or their allies. They want murder, yours, mine and anyone not in their alliance. They should be stopped. I certainly hope I’ve made the case for their destruction. The World cannot tolerate the existence of these Barbarians. I hope you dear reader will agree. Wipe out the evil in this World. Stop arming the ” bad” guys and let’s switch to a Butter Economy and advocate for Peace and justice?

The choice is yours. You have a voice and my 2 cents. Thanks for listening, but more then that, please become an agent for change and support an enduring Peace. Our survival depends upon us working together when Politics effects US.

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