PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Have you read the News today?

I read the News today, oh no, reminds me of the ” old” Beatles Song, but let me continue!

From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14
From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

What’s happening:  A Synopsis!  8/26/14 NY Times
The NYC Police sergeants don’t want the Democratic convention to take place in NY’ s Brooklyn, because crime is up in the city along with murder. Their answer , more Police on the ground? Have we forgotten that there is income inequality in our city. That people in the Lower and Middle Classes are unemployed? That’s why crime may be up?  We also have greater accessibility to guns?  Folk are also living in inadequate housing conditions?  There are many factors to be considered, when thinking about “crime” in the City?


Next we read, the Lower and Middle Classes are under represented in our better Universities. At $48,000+ for tuition and very few scholarships! these kids are not even considering the Ivies. It’s out of their price range. Has anyone thought about a real solution to this crisis?   A lack of diversity leads to limited societal growth. Look at us, what kind of Society do we want, plain Vanilla for a few or a variety of options that incorporates the many? Time to reform the student loan program, increase merit scholarships and encourage education.  The physical plant is not as important as the teachers and the students, but that’s my 2 cents.


Next, we hear that Burger King is escaping US taxes to join with Tim Horton’s in Canada. Our American Corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes as it is, so why are they going out of the Country? The real reason, is they lack initiative to grow their business, so rather then think creatively, they combine with other businesses and create Monopolies. Makes no sense to me. As these corporations squeeze the last dollars out of their companies they will implode, once their novelty wears off or consumers reject their products in favor of local businesses. I opt for the latter.


Now that Summer is coming to a close and everyone is feeling rested and refreshed we should look around us and see what has really happened in our Society to make us proud to be Americans. Speak up. Did we see Financial Reform? Tax Reform? Student loan reform? Increased interest rates for Savers? Increased Jobs through infrastructure? Local business development? None of the above?


It seems before we vote away our rights once again, ” we the people should ask questions about the State of our Union” and demand answers. We have a voice and a choice? Remaining silent will get us nothing. We’ve seen the status quo for 7 years, how many more years do we want to lose? It’s our choice. We have 300,000,000 people who should want answers and a better way of life. If you don’t? Don’t stand in my way, because I do!

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